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The Avid Dabber: How to Keep Your Hash Fresh & Flavorful

Published on November 30, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Have you ever taken out a puck of hash and it was too sticky or gooey to easily scoop or apply? When extracts sit above a comfortable room temperature, they become increasingly more difficult to work with.

Besides the mess, concentrates are at risk of off-gassing precious terpenes when they get warm. This can cause the flavors to slowly dissipate and make your hash less effective.

Terpenes Like the Cold

Terpenes are extremely volatile and can evaporate quickly even at room temperature, and cannabis growers and extractors take many precautionary steps to ensure a high-terpene content and robust flavors in their product. This is why products like live resin have gained popularity recently.

Freezing fresh material allows you to preserve its terpene profile, effectively hitting the pause button on degradation from high temperatures. Many hash makers insist on keeping their labs cold to help manage terpene loss, and retailers go so far as to store hash in refrigerators or freezers to keep it fresh until sale.

So why wouldn’t you do the same?

Well, some do. I’ve seen some serious hash heads walking around cannabis cups and other events with full-sized Yeti coolers over their shoulders. That seems a little excessive. I get it, though.

I always keep a variety of hash strains in my stash, and I like to take my options with me. When I’m headed to sesh with friends, I want something practical and compact enough that I can throw in my bag with the rest of my gear.

Enter the Terp Chiller

The Terp Chiller is a portable case that’s durable and ready to take on just about any adventure. There’s no magic to how the Terp Chiller works—its simple design keeps concentrates fresh and stable for hours when out and about, thanks to its reusable ice packs.


Once frozen, the two ice packs slip into their own compartments in the case to keep things chill. The separate storage for the ice packs lets you take advantage of the cold temperatures while protecting your hash from moisture that’s created from condensation as the ice packs thaw.

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With vertical and horizontal straps, the Terp Chiller makes is easy to keep just about any size concentrate puck or bucket in place. Tuck the ice packs away and load up the multi-strap system attached to the center divider to keep all your hash containers snug and secure. I can comfortably fit five or six different flavors under the strap system and have easily fit more with a little creativity.


Pro tip: If you’ve got a lot of hash to take, load up the larger ice pack compartment with your hash and use the strap system to secure your ice packs. That will give you a little more space to work with inside the case.

In addition to keeping things cold, fresh, and secure, the Terp Chiller offers privacy and security thanks to its combination lock. Choose a custom combination that’s memorable even when you’re baked to keep others from dabbing your stash. Fill it, chill it, lock it, and you’re off on your next adventure.

Pros and Cons

The Terp Chiller makes a great gift. In fact, I bought a couple to give to friends during the winter holidays this year. It’s simple, easy to use, and does exactly what you expect: It keeps your terpenes chill.

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The one area that could use improvement is the insulation of the case itself. With only a thin layer, the ice packs don’t have much thermal protection from outside elements. Additionally, the thin insulation causes condensation on the outside of the case, and while not detrimental to your hash by any means, I have had it ruin a pack or two of papers that were haphazardly packed in the same pocket.

I can only assume that an assortment of other colors and sizes are on the horizon from the Terp Chiller team, but this Terp Chiller gets a resounding recommendation from me. It is one of the few products I use every time I’m dabbing away from home or when sharing my stash on life’s many adventures.

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