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The Leafly Strain Reviews Hall of Fame: We Miss Craymond, Too

Published on June 19, 2014 · Last updated November 17, 2022

They make us smile, they make us laugh, they make us stop mid-sentence and say, “Wait. What?” The Leafly Strain Review Hall of Fame celebrates the very best of your cannabis-fueled quirkiness. Yes, we take elevating the cannabis conversation seriously and we want to show the world that the cannabis community is comprised of mature, responsible individuals…but we can all share a harmless chuckle every once in a while, too.

So sit back, grab your favorite strain, and marvel at the amazing(ly hilarious) places our minds can sometimes go with a little help from our green friend.

Purple Haze

From the producers that brought you Hermit Crab Hotbox comes the true story of a lost adventurer and his unlikely crawdad friend. A compelling tale of love and loss.

Took me from down in the dumps to having a cool time. Went on an adventure and found a crawdad. I subsequently made friends with said crawdad and hung out with him. Man I miss Craymond.


Because butts are funny.

At one point i had tingling feelings in my butt. Great for hanging out.

Pure Power Plant

Yikes. At least Pure Power Plant was nice. (Also, we hope the scorpion made bail.)

Usually when I get stung by a scorpion, I capture them and make them kill themselves by circling them with lighter fluid and then lighting it so they sting themselves in the back. Smoking pure power plant helped me to understand that scorpions aren’t inherently aggressive creatures, they’re just defending themselves according to their genetic patterns. I took him out to a field behind my house and was going to let him go but a cop stopped me and arrested me due to a warrant and now he’s sitting in a small jar with my other personal belongings at the county jail pending my trial date next month :/ Pure power plant was nice.

Juicy Fruit

Three profound questions that we may never have the answers to. May Juicy Fruit one day help us unlock these mysteries.

Jesus…is he real…will we ever be able to see…how the kids see the taste of cinnamon toast crunch…or are frosted flakes better

Master Jedi

Friends are there to love and support you, to pick you up off the ground when the going gets rough. And to point out when you’re unable to accurately interpret reality.

This got me so high that I was convinced that the street light outside my house was the moon. Luckily my friend pointed out that “that’s no moon.”

Afghan Kush

I would judge, except I think we’ve all been that guy with a dog bed hat at some point in our lives.

Smoked this shit and I was walking in tunnels made of rainbows and then proceeded to have a chocolate bar fight while wearing dog beds as hats in a London [drugstore]

Purple Trainwreck

“The greatest pillow fort in all the land.”

I learned how to make the greatest pillow fort in all the land. No girls allowed, just me and my dog Jack (to be fair he came up with the password so I had to let him in).

Green Crack

Because no one has ever described the munchies better than this wordsmith.

I get really hungry every time I smoke this. Like really hungry. Like whole left side of the taco bell menu hungry.

Maui Wowie

Some feats just deserve an entire chicken’s worth of credit.

Smoked a bowl of this and got inspired enough to clean my entire house. I felt incredibly accomplished and rewarded myself by eating a whole chicken.

Platinum Bubba Kush

Today’s lesson in sharing is brought to you by Platinum Bubba and the color purple.

Great floral taste and some of the strongest munchies ever. While we were on this strain, my friend asked if he could have some of the pizza I was making and I said no. I realized later that my munchies were so strong that I was not thinking rationally and of course split the pizza with him…and another. Make sure you have some Red Baron pizzas standing by in the freezer.

Photo credit: Kevin O’Mara via Flickr CC

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Bailey Rahn
Bailey Rahn
Bailey is a senior content manager at Leafly, specializing in strains and health. She's spent 7+ years researching cannabis products, spreading patients’ stories, and exploring healthy ways of integrating cannabis into daily life.
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