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The Leafly Strain Reviews Hall of Fame: Where Cold Fusion and Space Squids Collide

September 4, 2014

Come one, come all, to witness the auspicious reading of August’s Strain Review Hall of Fame! As summer drew to a close, Leafly reviewers were out in full force, regaling us with tales of cold fusion and divine yoga pants and dancing squids in space. Behold the crème de la crème of August’s strain reviews.


Does your strain inspire full orchestral suites, complete with tiny dancers and exotic scents? If not, you’re missing out. 

When I open the jar to smell this XJ-13 it's almost as if little angels carrying baskets of citrus fruits are swirling past me, while a single pine tree stands center of the jar filled with peppermints, all the while a clan of gnomes lay below harvesting honey from the bee hives atop the pine tree… You get the picture.


And to think, some people argue cannabis doesn’t stimulate intellectualism.

Took some of this to relax and ended up in a 30 minute debate with my wife about the political ramifications of sci-fi levels of discoveries, like cold fusion or first contact.

GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies)

And on the 5th day God created… Yoga pants? 

Cannabis has many things to be proud of and this strain is it.. pretty sure Leafly was created on it.. god created yoga pants on it, the oceans grew, the gods bathe in it, its little waynes cologne… well maybe

Purple Kush

Some people like to consume and enjoy the munchies, other people like to become their munchies.

I feel pretty good at the moment, I feel like tartar sauce and warm water or a stick of butter melting over a steamy hot cob of corn. And a biscuit with butter and peanut butter, and chicken, with olives on the side and a coke please. (: 

Northern Lights

But does it also make you feel like a cynical anthropomorphic octopus? 

I feel like Squidward in space

Holy Grail Kush

Even the Knights who say "Ni" would have to agree that a strain which inspires poetry is fine indeed.

You'll laugh and you'll cry 
But you'll sure not die 
But now I'm in a cloud 
But my rain is dry. 
ugh he's so annoying.

Super Sour Diesel

Are we talking a 5K or an Ironman?

It's not a dash right off sprinting type of weed but rather a walking-speedy walking-jogging- and then running weed. Super amazing once you get running.

Amnesia Haze

Not only does this strain deliver a tranquil high, it will nearly deliver you to any place your heart desires!

When asked how I felt I said "I feel like I’m on a pebble of waterfalls" and visualized a giant smooth white quartz pebble with waterfalls draining off the edge; it felt tranquil. 

Green Crack

Sometimes you just gotta shake yo’ groove thang.


Wanted to Jam Out and Shake my Ass! #bam 

photo credit (cropped): roryrory via photopin cc

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