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Walmart Is Selling a $299 Cannabis Rosin Press, So We Bought One

July 7, 2017
(Courtesy of Walmart)
As thousands of YouTube videos illustrate, the process of extracting rosin at home can be messy and inefficient. That’s why the good folks at Walmart—yes, that Walmart—want to spare cannabis lovers from using hair straighteners and other ad hoc tools.


What Is Rosin?

Alongside its virtual aisles of firearms and Febreze, the world’s largest retailer just added a rosin press. It doesn’t seem too shy about it, either. On its website (the press is only available online) Walmart describes the Rosineer RNR-MV1 as a “dab machine.”

Walmart’s product page describes the $299 rosin press as “especially suitable for flowers or buds.” (

The $299 price tag—free shipping!—includes a “dabber tool” and silicone container to carry and handle your, ahem, plant extracts. As the description reads: “Hair straightener or flat iron is hard to get enough wax and waste your buds [sic].”

None of the YouTube videos about DIY rosin-pressing feature someone making rosin for their violin strings.

Walmart’s desire to jump on board was fed by the fact that Amazon carries the same item, according to Bob Lee, a spokesman for the machine’s Bellevue, WA-based manufacturer, Rosineer.

“Walmart wants to compete with Amazon in any way, so they started to carry the rosin press late last year,” Lee told Leafly. It appears to have gone unreported until Herb reporter Brittney Sanger spotted it this month. Walmart didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Though it’s a far cry from a head shop, the Bentonville, AR-based retailer already carries High Times, CBD hemp oil, books on cooking with cannabis and starting a cannabis business, as well as the all-important cannabis-patterned panties. The rosin press might mark a new chapter, though. Selling magazines and t-shirts with cannabis leaves is one thing. But it’s another to stock a tool whose use among non-cannabis consumers is probably negligible. How much lavender oil is really necessary for one’s homemade shampoo stash?

Let’s put it this way: None of the YouTube videos about DIY rosin-pressing feature someone making rosin for their violin strings.


How to Make Rosin Dabs

From the looks of it, the Rosineer is a tool for the serious cannabis hobbyist. Clocking in at a hefty 31 pounds of stainless steel and iron, this rig heats up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit by way of dual temperature controls for each of the pressing surfaces. A handle allows the user to manually apply pressure of up to 150 pounds per square inch. Anyone who’s been singed by a hair straightener will appreciate the beefy steel cover that insulates the machine’s heated parts. At about 15 inches tall, it’s a bit bigger than a drip coffee maker, though looks more suited to the garage than the kitchen.

The same press is available at Amazon for the same price—but you’ll have to add $20.27 for shipping (womp womp). On Amazon, the Rosineer has a three-and-a-half star rating from 16 reviewers (more than half of whom gave it five stars). You can also find it on Ebay and other online stores, as well as on Rosineer’s website.

In this video from the manufacturer’s YouTube page, it looks pretty easy to use, too.



The Best Dab Rig for You

Editor’s note: We bought one. Walmart told us it’s expected to arrive at Leafly World Headquarters on July 19. Stay tuned.

Free shipping isn’t the fastest, unfortunately. (


UPDATE, 7/10/2017: Just in time for the 7/10 holiday, we’ve started getting this error message on the rosin press product page. Anyone else? (Looks like a more expensive version is still available.)



Happy 710! Celebrating OIL Day

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Chase Scheinbaum

Chase Scheinbaum is a journalist who has written about rosin for
Bloomberg Businessweek and about other things for Village Voice, Men's Journal, Thrillist, Backpacker, and other publications. He’s a writer-at-large for The Inertia and Fatherly. His superpower is speaking Danish.

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  • Fester

    We’re getting close to the point where profiteering on legalization overtakes profiteering on prohibition. Can’t stand the Walton family but they know where the money is.

    • Gary Craig

      You can bet, if anyone does go to prison, it won’t be the Waltons. Let’s see how long before Deputy Dawg and his minions crack down on this.

      • Silverado

        I’m in Washington state where cannabis is regulated, taxed and otherwise legal so next time in Walmart I’ll check these out. With the prices of flower falling where the last ounce I purchased was $80 out the door this could be a welcome addition to the cannabis loving household.

        • Gary Craig

          I wish, really wish, I lived in a legal state. No such luck! Maybe by 2023 we’ll be legal. Maybe, but doubtful. The Midatlantic ain’t the hippest part of the nation, not at all progressive. Well, not Maryland at least.

          • Silverado

            Trust me. That’s one of the very few things that they did right in this state (that I support) though it was because of the voters. But since the state realized how much new tax money would be rolling into the state’s coffers as a result of this they seem to be pretty happy with legalization too having all that new tax money to spend.

          • Michael Garcia

            DC right next door. It’s legal there.

        • Silverado

          Walgreens pharmacy’s is also getting in on the legal cannabis market from what I read and will also be carrying different items used in the legal cannabis industry. Where it’s legal.

        • Fun Please

          Live in WA state also – $80 an oz where? THC?

          • Silverado

            Miller’s Marijuana in Elma (8 miles south on US-12 at Porter actually and on the way to the beaches at Westport or Ocean Shores) and the retail store of the Squaxin tribe near Shelton they call Elevation or High Elevation right there by Little Creek Casino on SR-101. Between these two I’ve found several ounces priced at $80 from either business. The tribal recreational store was the first one in the state that is owned & operated by the local tribe. Leafly has everything about them including their current menus. Check them out!!

        • lovingc

          Only on line.

  • FlunkedAgain

    This is too funny, Home Depot sells hydroponic grow gear; now Walmart sells Dab making equipment.

    I can’t wait for the Cheech and Chong Hardware and General Merchandise stores to open. They’ll have a munchies aisle in the food section, next to the edibles.

    • Mike Costello

      I work at a unique liquor/deli concept in northern Arizona. We’re known for our wood-fired pizza and mac and cheese, sandwiches, our cigar humidor and our craft beer selection. When we learned a dispensary was opening up in the space next to us, we immediately ordered 25 different kinds of blunt wraps, and plan to distribute our menu widely, and make sure the dispensary has a stack of them as well. What a boon.

      • Omniseed

        If you don’t already have nice sitting spaces, add them.

        Embrace the slow customer and they will reward you over and over again.

      • FlunkedAgain

        Grinders are a necessity, and low end plastic ones with the name of the establishment are advertising that will be around for a long time.

    • Doc O’Zee

      Cheech & chong? Munchies? This comment a propagation of prohibitionist cannabis lore; that shit never helps, but keep the tired old jokes alive

      • FlunkedAgain

        One of the Medicinal effects is Appetite Stimulation. Look it up here on Leafy. So yeah, it stimulate the Munchies.

        I’m sorry that you don’t understand the humor of Cheech and Chong.

  • Fun Please

    A follow up article would be fantastic –

  • jim heffner

    It makes me think of the stories about the Gold Rush of 1849 and how most of the money ended up in the hands of the merchants and service providers.

    • Merlin


    • AnonEdmous

      I have a producer/processor business in Washington State. And that’s exactly correct. Work my ass off growing and processing product, can only sell it for $2/gram. Too many people growing. Stores sell it for 3.5x cost.

      • Fun Please

        Simple supply and demand. Why does this statement have to be approved? Profanity of simple econ?

      • ShadyCrockett

        Open a store.

  • Two Bears

    There is one error in the story.

    Wal-Mart is NOT the largest seller.

    EBay surpassed Wal-Mart for that title several years ago.

  • heywally

    If you do a review on one, please consider doing some before and after lab testing for THCA/THC, CBDA/CBD and terpenes, to see how well this machine does at preserving the original plant sourced components, since heat and pressure are involved. Thanks.

  • Robert O’Hagan

    Can you make grilled cheese sandwiches with it? I mean after doing a few dabs I’m gonna get a lil hungry

    • Jae Sea

      That’s what the women are for

      • Justin_Khase

        Bravely spoken.

        • Jae Sea

          You misspelled wisely spoken

          • Justin_Khase

            I didn’t misspell a damn thing. Your arrogance caused what little brains you might have to missthink.

          • Jae Sea

            Did you get your white knight scout badge with that last comment? Congrats…no girl still will get with you tho, beta.

          • Justin_Khase

            I was having “girls” when you were still swimming around in your daddies’ nutsack.

      • Louise

        What is it about women and sandwich making?

        • Justin_Khase

          That’s neanderspeak for “Mommie I’m too (insert bullsh*t justification here) to make my own sandwich”.

          • Louise

            Thank you, “Neanderspeak” lol!

          • Jae Sea

            And justin-khase is beta speak for “white knight internet SJW yet girls still friendzone me everytime”

          • Justin_Khase

            Careful, your inbrededness is showing.

          • Jae Sea

            I’m never careful around betas like you. Their girls usually leave with me…

          • Justin_Khase

            If they do leave with you it’s to show your simple-*ss the way out.

          • Jae Sea

            Actually it’s me showing them all the things you couldn’t…how to be a man, not a guilt-tripped, castrated white knight.

          • E.L. Bl/Du

            JaeSea, why do you have to be a dickbag? This article has NOTHING to do with sanwiches or “making” some WOMAN do it for you. Wow, bet your mommy made so NO woman will get with you. STFU!

          • Jae Sea

            That’s not true at all. Your mother makes the best sammiches without me forcing her.

          • E.L. Bl/Du

            my mother has been dead for 20 years, meaning your you are “smelling your hands” or lower Troll who has nothing better to do than to TRY to degrade people, mainly women. Was you mother a neglectful or something for you to have such bitter and deep resentments..I do not want to know,. But do know this, your insecurities are evident to more than just myself. You dont need my help looking like a self righteous indignant fool and a jerk.

          • Jae Sea

            Well that explains why it’s taken her so long to make me another one. I thought she was busy cleaning or doing laundry.

          • nightengale


        • Jae Sea

          They make the best sammiches. It’s hard wired into their dna

        • Jae Sea

          Youd have to ask the chics

    • Rhyan

      Im hungry already hahahahha

  • I am new to this. How do you get the oil off the paper? I would like to extract the oil from my garden herbs like oregano

    • yeah-how do you get the oil off the paper.??

      • Jerome Peppers

        Put the paper (ptfe paper is better than wax paper) in the freezer for 10 mins. It will peel off easily while cold.

      • Tomas Smith

        Article sez it comes with a dabber tool. I’d guess that would be used to scrape the paper.

      • Frankie trenholme

        Just scrape it off the parchment paper with a dull scraper

      • James Schonegge

        Chill it, and it goes hard, chip it off. When cold, it is shatter, hard and brittle, like glass. When warm, it is like molasses. I hope this helps.

    • E.L. Bl/Du

      S. Nanny, use a special paper, (they tell you when you get the machine) and they also have a type of silicone screen that is used. Unfortunately I tried to get one, and Walmart doesnt carry them anymore, and the are “out of stock” on Amazon. I think the REAL reason got out what ppl were using it for. boo hoo. guess we still need to be a little discreet until the feds totally legalize it. I think Mr Wal is a stout “church of Christ” christian and wants NO part of this. (dummy) lol (I know a guy that got fired for +UA, and has a medical card for seizures)

  • Karl Warner

    Why did someone dub cheesy music over the mans instructions?

  • Linda Vee Sado
  • gordon_wagner

    A what? Why would anyone bother with this thing?

    • Jerome Peppers

      Its easier to inject the marijuanas in a concentrated form.

      • Doc O’Zee

        ha! good one!

  • Luella Eirsdottir

    And yet Walmart is a zero tolerance for marijuana and other drugs employer. As a previous employee, in Washington, with a medical card, I was terminated for trace amounts of thc in my system.
    Talk about hypocrites. I hope that they will change their policies, especially now that they carry this tool.

    • Gary Craig

      I find it amusing that Walmart drug tests. Even more amusing is that the employee, most likely, must pay for the test. I go out of my way to NOT shop at Walmart.

  • Joey Espinoza

    Walmart is not selling this, one of the sellers using their platform is.

    • Gary Craig

      Won’t be long before Walmart pulls the plug on that.

      • Doc O’Zee

        ya think? I’d wager they stay mum

    • badlin

      This is true. And yet it’s impossible to find a bong listed on the site—even by any of these third-party sellers.

  • Disqus-helpsGOVTbreaklaws&kill

    monopolies always try to maintain their monopolies

  • Scott Spauldng

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  • Shannon

    That video is fucking infuriating. He’s talking, but we can’t hear shit. What’s the point?

  • Jack Jaxson

    Couldn’t you have just waited until you actually reviewed the thing? And what is with that video? Too bad we couldn’t hear what the guy had to say.

  • Joel Baumgartner

    Walmart is not selling these. They are a part of the Walmart “marketplace” and are sold and shipped by a 3rd party vendor. Citta-direct.

  • John D Neumann
  • farmerlion

    North Dakota politicians are still pretending we don’t have MMJ. Our Senators have no idea they are in their last terms in office. Heidi pull your head out of the sand now and keep your job. Our local legislators are going to drop like flies next election cycle. You could run on only supporting cannabis. You will win in a landslide. Peace

  • lovingc

    Walmart seems to be having problems all around I tried to order CBD oil and it kept canceling the order.
    The best solution Amazon.

    • Bob Skilnik

      It’s NOT CBD oil. Amazon sells hemp oil. Read the Amazon descriptions. CBD oil falls into the Schedule I classification, same as buds, and Amazon is not selling buds.

      • lovingc

        It is listed as CBD oil. Read it.

        • Bob Skilnik

          Amazon only sells hemp oil. Read it.

          • lovingc

            I did there are lab reports available on some brands.

          • Jesus Rivera

            Amazon does cell CBD products as CBD is not illegal.. smh.. some people and their law arrogance

  • 2pissed4words

    I LOVE THIS MACHINE! Looks like Amazon has some in stock. Well worth the money.

  • 420BostonDude

    ok its been over a month. whats the deal on this? good or crap?