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What Are You Smoking? Episode 49: Cannabis in the Lab at Avitas

Published on August 15, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020
(Image courtesy of Avitas)
What Are You Smoking? features Leafly experts Will Hyde and Bailey Rahn—as well as guests from all corners of the cannabis industry—reviewing strains, testing products, offering pro tips, and answering your toughest cannabis questions.

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What Are You Smoking?

Episode 49: Cannabis in the Lab at Avitas

In this episode: 

Why is it hard to get interesting new cannabis strains onto dispensary shelves? What sort of experiments do your favorite extractors conduct to hone their craft? And just how do you pronounce Avitas, anyway?

We’ll talk to Dr. Amber Wise, science director of one of our favorite Northwest cannabis companies, Avitas, and get answers to all of these questions and more. We’ll even get a sneak peek at some of the new products the company is launching soon! At the risk of spoiling things, there’s a distillation setup in play…

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Strains, Products, and Brands In This Episode:

 Orange Cookies from SubX — Find Orange Cookies Near You

Lemon Meringue by Avitas — Find Lemon Meringue Near You

 Dragon OG by Avitas — Find Dragon OG Near You 

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Meet Your Show Hosts

Will Hyde is a subject matter expert, strain specialist, and digital producer at Leafly. He spends his free time traveling and exploring creative outlets as a DJ, digital artist, and film producer.

Bailey Rahn is an editor at Leafly specializing in cannabis strains and health. When she’s not at Leafly, you’ll likely find her smoking her way up a mountain or playing dress-up with her cats.

About Our Music:

Music for “What Are You Smoking” is provided by Lusine. “Ticking Hands” is from his album Sensorimotor. “Two Dots” is from A Certain DistanceFor more about Lusine, check out Ghostly.com.

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