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Who are the Jungle Boys cannabis breeders and growers ?

Published on August 8, 2023 · Last updated July 31, 2023
Jungle Boys Gator Breath 3 (David Downs/Leafly)
Jungle Boys Gator Breath 3 (David Downs/Leafly)

Jungle Boys is an L.A.-based independent cannabis collective that produces high-quality cannabis products, seeds, and streetwear. Initially popular on the West Coast, the brand has also recently made a significant footprint with medical cannabis patients in the state of Florida. They’re one of the most recognized weed brands in the world.

On a larger scale, Jungle Boys’ nationwide popularity can also be attributed to the dynamic genetics they make available to the public and other breeders for their own cultivation and cannabis cultivation projects. Their products are carried by third-party retailers all over the state of California.

Jungle Boys took their field of green to Florida.

Who are the owners of Jungle Boys?

Since 2006, two breeders—Ivan and Juice—have worked in collaboration as the collective known as Jungle Boys. The guerilla-style growing duo met in Southern California—Ivan hailing from San Gabriel Valley and Juice from Los Angeles. After both having their separate grow spots raided, they joined forces to start a dispensary and grow in it—the rest is weed history. 

Jungle Boys California

In 2013, Ivan purchased the Toluca Lake Collective (TLC Collective) medical cannabis dispensary that he’d grown and distributed for for a number of years. Soon after, TLC was grandfathered-in with specific advantages as a legacy operator in Los Angeles and became the first official Jungle Boys dispensary location, followed by storefronts in Orange County and San Diego. 

The brand was also able to go both medical and recreational in California, once the state legalized adult-use in 2018. 

Jungle Boys Florida

Jungle Boys Miami Beach is medical only.

Jungle Boys decided to see what the medical cannabis landscape in Florida had to offer in May 2022, when they opened their first store in the city of Ocala. The launch was such a success that many of their popular strains sold out immediately, spurring a demand for the brand to expand even bigger in the Sunshine State.

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Several months later in September 2022, a second 5,500-square-foot flagship medical dispensary opened up in Orlando. Currently, the brand has seven medical cannabis dispensaries in the state of Florida; patients have made JB dispensaries a top choice for flower, vapes, rosin gummies, concentrates, and even streetwear.

What makes the Jungle Boys brand so popular?

Jungle Boys Gator Breath.

Jungle Boys products adhere to the ethos of quality over quantity. Ivan and Juice have decades of cultivation experience under their belts, and hundreds of their unique cultivars have gone from seed to sale in Jungle Boys’ own facilities—every single breeding project by their team is done in-house. Having pheno selections and tissue culture testing all done in-house helps maximize cleanliness and health down to a cellular level on a plant-by-plant basis.

On the customer side, maintaining steady and fair pricing for medical patients keeps many of them coming back. 

Jungle Boys grows.

Many cannabis lovers show their loyalty to brands they love via clothes. Visually-appealing streetwear gear like t-shirts with the now-iconic brand logo and strain art let fans show off their tastes, and spread the word.

Meanwhile, aesthetic cultivation choices like only hand-trimming their buds available for sale resonate loudly with a bag appeal-seeking market.

What are some of Jungle Boys’ strains?

(David Downs/Leafly)
Jungle Boys-grown Han Solo. Indica hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

According to the Jungle Boys website, they currently have “more than 500 rare cultivars” in their genetic library. Some of these strains have been worked individually by the breeders for several solid years to get them to be the most dynamic hybrids possible–some of these strains include:

WiFi 43 (Fire OG x The White): This particular indica-leaning phenotype is a classic cultivar that stems from the original strain bred by OG Raskal back in the day.

Divorce Cake (White Widow x Wedding Cake): Featuring a sweet vanilla frosting terp profile, this original cross is a sure-fire snoozer with its hard-hitting, indica-heavy effects.

Florida Cake (Triangle Kush x Wedding Cake): The intense potency of this cross provides a mood-boosting experience while delighting with pastry-flavored and zesty spice appeal.

Dosi Killer (Dosidos x NBK x Sunset Sherbet): Highly potent, uplifting effects that feature fruity, nutty diesel with herbal notes. 

Gator Breath (Motor Breath x Triangle Kush Bx): Another potent JB hybrid with a gassy, nutty profile that can melt away stress, anxiety, and even spur arousal.

Jungle Buys weed for sale at Jungle Boys San Diego. Tap to shop.
Who is the cannabis breeder Mephisto Genetics?

Jungle Boys seeds for sale

Jungle Boys genetics are available for home growers and commercial growers at each retail location, several online seed banks, and on the company’s website. Along with feminized seeds, they offer regular seed options for those looking to do their own breeding projects with Jungle Boys’ stable and proven genetics.

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The future of Jungle Boys

A possible ballot initiative regarding legalization of cannabis and adult-use sales in Florida is on the table for the coming election cycle. Jungle Boys has a unique opportunity to reach even more consumers in the Sunshine State should voters choose to stand behind the proposal come election day. 

As a popular brand across the entire country, Jungle Boys still continues their small-scale, independent approach to optimizing clean, high-quality cannabis products for patients and adult-use consumers.

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