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This One Chart Captures Everything Wrong With NYC Cannabis Arrests

Even as arrest figures dropped, racial disparities show no sign of going away. In 2015, black or African-American New Yorkers were eight times as likely to be arrested for cannabis as whites.

Emerging Markets Update: New York Might Double Dispensaries

A look at what’s happening this week in states breaking into the medical and recreational cannabis scenes.

7 of the Most Vape-Worthy Places in the U.S.

The founders of share their picks for seven of the U.S.'s most vape-worthy locales.

Emerging Markets Update: Illinois Eyes Expanding Qualifying Conditions

Illinois is eyeing expansions to its list of qualifying conditions. New York officials just rejected a similar effort. Here's the latest from fledgling markets.

New York’s Medical Cannabis Market Debuts Today!

After 18 months of nail-biting anticipation, New York’s medical marijuana program is finally ready to make its debut.

Emerging Markets Update: NY Set to Go Live on Thursday

We're keeping an eye on these new markets as they blossom, and we want to help you do the same.

New York Opens Medical Marijuana Registration for Doctors and Patients

New York's State Department of Health launched the Medical Marijuana Patient Certification and Registration Program in time for the state's proposed January 2016 debut.

New Market Update: 6 States Looking to Implement Their Cannabis Programs

Check out the latest on these six markets that are hoping to debut their legal cannabis programs (both medical and recreational) soon.

Scotland Changes How It Handles Low-Level Cannabis Offenses: The Leafly Roundup

In Scotland, police are introducing a new system in January to handle low-level crimes such as cannabis possession, emphasizing warnings over prosecution.

Did False Concentrate Reports Lead to Harsher Penalties in Michigan? The Leafly Roundup

A frustrating situation for one medical patient in Michigan may set a new precedent for how law enforcement treats marijuana concentrates.

Montana Can’t Decide Whether to Embrace or Reject Cannabis Initiatives: The Leafly Legalization Roundup

With so many states looking towards legalization, Montana is on the fence about whether to amend their medical program, legalize recreationally, or ban cannabis in the state entirely.

New York Governor Signs Bill to Expedite Access to Medical Cannabis

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed two bills that will establish an “emergency medical marijuana” program two months before medical marijuana was to debut in New York.

Will New York Allow Early Patient Access to Medical Marijuana? The Leafly Roundup

Several major marijuana proposals didn’t quite make the cut in this year’s general election, but that’s no reason to stop now. Where will the next domino fall to end cannabis prohibition?

The Leafly Roundup: Which Companies Will Supply New York’s Medical Marijuana Program?

New York’s medical cannabis program made a major announcement, Wyoming is looking at legalization, and if you’re a Canadian patient, your wallet might be getting a break soon.

The Leafly Legalization Roundup: Guess Which Plant Drug Cartels Are Growing Instead of Cannabis?

In this week's roundup, we learn that the U.S.’s cannabis is so high-quality that drug cartels not only prefer our crops, they've also turned to subsidizing tomatoes to make ends meet.

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