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Blue Cheese Autoflower

by Homegrown Cannabis Co.

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Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Blue Cheese Autoflower
Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Blue Cheese Autoflower
Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Blue Cheese Autoflower


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About this product

Check out our amazing 12-pack for only $99!! Planning an evening of winding down and letting loose? Well, with Blue Cheese, you can achieve just that in the sweetest and most luscious way imaginable. Relaxing with this dessert-like cannabis treat is simply incredible – you’ll experience an explosion of flavors as the smoke clears away the cobwebs in your mind. Even a starless night becomes brighter when you’re basking in the joy this strain brings to the party. Much to the delight of growers, an autoflowering variant of the sought-after strain was introduced by crossing the auto versions of Blueberry and Cheese. With these seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co., cultivators can get their eager hands on a batch of buds in record time. Even better, lucky cultivators get to reap the best traits of both parents. This new breed has Blueberry’s relaxing effect and sweet berry flavor, and Cheese’s pungent earthy aroma. Fast-growing, relaxing, euphoric and pleasing to all the senses – is there anything this Indica-heavy herb cannot offer? GROWING BLUE CHEESE FROM AUTOFLOWER SEEDS Cultivating Blue Cheese Auto is a fascinating experience. With its Ruderalis genes, growers are sure to raise a tough plant that matures swiftly. Absolutely beginner-friendly, it’s low-maintenance and also resilient to mold, mildew and disease. A compact beauty that grows to around 3.5 feet tall, it won't need much vertical space. It has plenty of lateral branches, though, so giving it enough room to spread out is a must. The plant has a typical Indica appearance and growth pattern – it’s bushy with vivid green foliage that turns to a deep plum color in cold conditions. Its nugs are dense and cone-shaped, and covered in orange hairs. As the plant matures, it can fill an entire room with its fragrance. From seed to harvest, you’ll only need to wait 9 to 11 weeks. Indoors, planting in soil or hydroponics with an SOG setup will boost the yield, and harvests of up to 1.31 ounces per square foot are common. The strain is not as prolific when grown outdoors. Growers can have multiple planting seasons, though, and this will make up for the comparatively low yield. Cultivators can plant once the last frost ends and harvest by early April. The final reaping must take place around late October before conditions get too cold, and each plant will share up to 5.3 ounces come harvest time. FRAGANCE AND FLAVOR Blue Cheese has a very distinct bouquet that’s a treat for the senses. The intertwining of the cheese and blueberry scents give the strain its unique aroma. Pungent yet pleasant and gentle, this fruity and earthy combo is not often seen in other cannabis varieties. Once you light it up and smoke it, you’ll experience a burst of flavors. The creamy cheese taste tones down the bud's very prominent blueberry kick – it’s sweet with nuances of musty hash, and many like to sample it with a glass of wine. EFFECTS Blue Cheese is a come-one-come-all kind of strain. It’s a tasty treat that novice tokers and veterans alike can enjoy. If taken in moderation, its high comes without the inconvenience of a paralyzing couch-lock. Users can revel in Sativa’s euphoric THC buzz and Indica's soothing warmth at the same time. As the herb fills the room with its heavenly aroma, it delivers an ecstatic rush that goes straight to the head. With just a whiff or two, tokers will already be bathing in Blue Cheese’s cerebral delights. No matter how tiring or detestable the day has been, an elating and uplifted sensation will put a lasting smile on your face. A noticeable boost of energy and creativity will also join in the merriment. Blue Cheese is also physically soothing and great for kicking back with. Its chilled out vibe starts in the head and quickly travels downward through the rest of the body. Easing every muscle and joint it encounters, it has a softening touch that doesn't incapacitate, meaning activity and mobility are still very much possible. Best for nighttime use, Blue Cheese Auto’s calm and mellow nature allows time for a few hours of enjoyment before slumber arrives. An excellent partner when unwinding or listening to music, it’s a strain that makes evenings worth looking forward to. MEDICAL With its lovely scent, taste and effects, it's no surprise that Blue Cheese Auto is also dominating the medical cannabis scene. It’s said to help assuage the difficulties caused by various psychological and physical conditions, and it does so with minimal side effects, unlike many OTC drugs. This herb has been used by people with Generalized Anxiety and Major Depressive Disorders, since it may potentially diminish their symptoms and inducing a lively mood that lasts for several hours. It may also help insomniacs to get a restful sleep – many people start to feel very sleepy two or three hours after the first bowl, eventually dropping off into a long and refreshing slumber. Blue Cheese Auto also has a reputation for causing the munchies which may be very beneficial to those suffering from eating disorders or lack of appetite. It makes food look and smell extra enticing while also increasing hunger pangs. The plant is also said to be beneficial for managing aches and pains thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory potential. Those struggling with the likes of arthritis and fibromyalgia have turned to it for relief from their daily discomforts. Despite its many potential benefits, Blue Cheese Auto does have some potential adverse effects. Consuming it in amounts above the recommended dose, especially when dehydrated, may cause dry eyes and cottonmouth. Although rare, some people may experience dizziness, paranoia or anxiety. Beginners and THC-sensitive users are most prone to the latter three, and are advised to steer clear of this strain. Always remember to stick within your own tolerance levels and keep the dosage low and slow, and stay properly hydrated at all times. AUTOFLOWER BLUE CHEESE SEEDS Blue Cheese makes every smoke out a memorable experience. Creamy, sweet, and with a string of potential benefits, this is a must-try strain for all pot enthusiasts. These autoflowering seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. are all tokers need to have a go at growing their own stash. The plants are easy to raise and can give a decent yield in a matter of weeks. Every evening can be trouble-free after a whiff or two of this awesome dessert weed.

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