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Elevate - Belton

Been shopping here for the past 6 months or so and they have always had a full stocked store even when nearby DPO's were dry. They're pricing is a bit better than other nearby DPO's too. Service has always been great too. Nice folks selling good bud at reasonable prices. I'm a happy customer and I'll becoming back in the future.

Bloc Dispensary - Belton

Easily the only dispensary you need to shop at. They always have deals and have a loyalty program that makes it easy to earn additional discounts. The staff is always super friendly and helpful.

CLOVR Cannabis Dispensary

This is my "home" dispensary. I have been shopping here for the past year and there is always some kind of deal going on to help with the inflated prices. I prefer to shop exclusively Illicit flower & pax carts. These items are always in stock and there is always a strain from illicit that is testing well and even when I get a jar with some popcorn nugs the full potency is still there. I have yet to get a jar from Illicit that I didn't like. My personal favorite strains are GMO Cookies, Creamz, Diesel Train. The only downside to this location is that you will most likely have to wait since there is only a max of two budtenders working at one time. That being said, if you have the option to pick what time you go, I would suggest going early around 10 when they open is the best time that I have found. The prices are high but that is more the doing of the state rather than Clovr. 4/5 for me and I would recommend this location to anyone looking for a relatively quick sales process.

Birthday Cake

This is one of the "gimmick" strains out there. Most folks will pick it up just for the name & not to kill your giggles at a cute name but it's not worth it. It's somewhere in the middle between indica & sativa, which doesn't really provide much fun on either side of the scale. Used to be on everyone's shelf here in Denver but now only a couple spots are growing it purely for their O-Pen cartridges. Maybe it's more potent out on the West Coast but it's not a strain that did very well here in CO. I'd look elsewhere

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields is easily the most visually stunning strain I've ever looked at. Strong Strawberry smell/taste out of the vape. Strong but not as strong as I had hoped. It was a nice relaxer after the dog park.

Fox Cannabis / Street Wellness

Brought my mom in while she was visiting and had a great conversation with Dylan and it was a very positive experience. Can't really go wrong med wise with Fox.

Stardawg Guava

One of my favorite sativas on the market. This strain has a pretty diesely smell to me but it vapes very smooth with a fuel after taste but not like SD. The high is incredibly functional and I was able to get to class & get through without any issues. Got this strain for $10 an 1/8th @ Fox Street in Denver as apart of my med benefits but it was well worth it as it is a great day time strain and was awesome for gameday on saturday/sunday. Very highly recommended.

Cookie Wreck

This strain is a perfect combination. I usually dislike hybrids however I felt incredibly relaxed and at ease within my body. This strain is a pleasure to all five senses, its a very beautiful strain to look at. With a fantastic smell and taste, the GSC earthy notes hit the nose and then rampaging behind that is the sweetness of Trainwreck. The high is unreal, very fast acting and not quite a couch locker but it will definitely keep me around the house. Fox street does it sooooo right. Vaped at 392 thru Volcano, 5 bags.

Purple Dream

Purple Dream is a very solid nighttime/winding down type of strain. It's got great bag appeal and tastes great out of a vape. The high is great, its solidly cerebral but I also feel the GDP coming through in the body effects. You remember that little angel from angels in the outfield that shows up in the dugout rubbing the players shoulders? that's what I'm feeling right now from the body effects. I'm really happy I was able to snag the last 1/4 on the Med side @ fox street. Its a great strain. Must try for sure. Can we just all go back to the 90's?

Sour Sunset

This strain is a solid combo of Sherbet & AJ's SD. While I don't think it is a quite as potent as everyone else has remarked, it is a great morning or daytime strain. It has fantastic bag appeal with a nice dusting of sugary trichomes & a wonderful fruity smell with diesely undertones. I'm high but relatively clear headed, theres a bit of a lag with my brain but nothing that will stop me from completing my work today. Definitely recommended if you can find it.