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Gelato #41

I smoke every night for insomnia and pain so my tolerance is pretty high! This strain is a great heavy hitter even for me! Feel so relaxed and pain free and tingly! Love it, a new fav!

Khalifa Kush

This is by far my favorite strain! Seriously it's such a good high the only downside is you get the munchies pretty bad lol! But I can control the level of high so easily with KK! A hit or two in the morning with my bong I can work with a smile on my face! Now if I smoke half a cone of this man I'm GONE, so high I fall asleep with the blunt still in my hand lol! But ya it's a heavy hitter and takes away all pain including cramps which is a def winner for me! Certain strains can intensify cramps (sorry fellas tmi) but ya love this strain! Such a fun happy chill high

Story Cannabis - North Chandler

Sad to say this location has gone down :( this is now the second time they were unable to find my online order! I've been coming here for a while as a regular medical patient and this has never happened. I was super patient the first time due to rec patients and just assumed they would work through the issues but now weeks later the same thing is frustrating! Not to mention today I placed my order and it took over 30 mins for them to confirm which caused one of the items I wanted to be "sold out". I'm a medical patient what's the point of me going online to snag a product before it's sold out by rec patients if they are taking so long to confirm an order? I still love the friendly staff and realize they are doing to the best they can. I can't lie this is def my fav dispensary I just hope next time I won't have issues or it might be time to consider going elsewhere.


I have a very high tolerance and asked the budtender which strain I should buy to get me in the clouds high and he suggested this strain! Let me tell you this is the 2nd time I've bought this wax and it's been đŸ”„ every time! I love the taste, smell, it hits super smooth, instantly takes away any pain that I have and helps me have a good night sleep!

Ghost OG

I love this strain! it's a perfect high! With an equal head and body high, nothing too intense but then again I smoke everyday. I can smoke just enough to be calm and relaxed and still function or smoke more for my insomnia for a nice sleep! Any pain that I have, hit the bong a few times and the pain is gone! Also takes away all my anxiety and depression.



Grassp Delivery (Medical)

I ordered for the first time from here and there quality of cannibus is hands down top 3 of what I've had at local dispensaries! I've been in too much pain and can't currently drive due to my medication so having a company that can deliver pretty fast and is friendly you can't beat it! My driver Matthew communicated with me the entire time and I received my order in less than an hour and a half! The quality of the strains I got were top shelf and immediately did the job as far as taking my pain and anxiety away! I will be ordering from them again, today actually!

Curaleaf Phoenix Airport

Went here today to pickup my Leafly order! I was in and out in less than 5 mins! Everyone was super easy going and friendly! And you can't beat their prices for the quality of flower you get!

The White

I got this stain for 4/20 and was not disappointed! This strain is so potent yet smooth tasting and easy on the lungs! It's a perfect hybrid, I was high enough to forget the time but was able to focus and watch a movie! Def going to purchase this top shelf strain again! Also, this strain made me and my bf super horny and the sex amazing!