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Cherry Diesel

Proceed with caution. This strain is magnificent and very powerful. Army green buds with very slight purple brass orange hairs and sharp crystals. Density seems pretty perfect to me; soft but hard enough to crumble with your fingers. Smells like sweet and sour cherries, citrus and pine. Taste like cherries, maybe blood orange after tones.. earthy and diesel, slight nuttiness. Effects are strong, real sneaky in approach. Abundance of focus and creativity, with a rush of euphoria and relaxation. Keeps the mind in organized work and study while the body is in nirvana, although is not couch locked. Very good strain to get stuff done and feeling amazing while doing so. Don't smoke a gram bowl of this one, it could seriously knock you on your ass if you aren't careful. Recommend this for anyone with pain, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and want to be one with All🕉️💚☯️

Purple Widow

This strain is insane, one of a kind. batch I got was a little on the fluffy side but burns perfect in a joint. Beautiful forest green with light undertones and deep purple touches, this bud smells pretty sweet, citrus, floral, a little earthy.. just smells FANTASTIC. Taste pretty flowery, maybe tulip, and a little sweet, pine and leaves behind something like an orange rubbed in dirt. Immediately got super relaxed after the first couple tokes, heavy eyes were fast, then got a major jolt of euphoria and quite a bit of energy. A nice philosophical type of high, got to higher vibes pretty quick. Easily takes the pain away, maybe leave a little tingle behind the spot. Very nice relaxing, euphoric strain. Perfect for coming home after 12 hour work shifts and just want to totally zone out of the stress and anxiety that comes with the job. I'd recommend this for anyone looking for pain relief and just want to be one with everything☯️💚🕉️

Misty Kush

Very nice strain, could be one of my favorite indica. DEEP body relaxation, not a lazy one though, doesn't knock you out right away but definitely takes the muscle/joint pain away. Very creative and peaceful, very lovely. Recommend for anyone with pain physically or mentally

Ringo's Gift

Not a huge cbd smoker, love my sativa, yet love to find high cbd in my strains so decided to try a cbd strain. Smell is not too pungent, what I do get is maybe a little citrus swirled in a deep earthiness. Taste is pretty flowery and earthy. Right off the bat I notice my lower back pain is completely gone, I can do sit ups without yelling "MOTHERF*****!!!!!" Got pretty tired quickly, mostly from the abundance of relaxation and euphoria shooting through my body. Mixed with some ATF and got really happy and wanted to take a walk. Great spirits in the air and the joy of love. Definitely gonna try some more cbd strains

Cola Cove

Great service, greeted with a handshake. Closest shop to my house so I don't have to catch a bus. Amazing deals when it comes to prerolls, 2 1g joints for $10 before 1pm! First time there and will definitely go back again:)

The Green Planet - King City

Such friendly staff, really take the time to try to find the best strain for you. Big selection of herb and extracts, and a ton of glass and papers! Finally found somewhere to get king-size papers<3 Perfect location, right on my way to work and back. Great prices and have good deals.

Oregon Diesel

Such a beautiful strain. Real pungent of diesel, pine and a little berry. High is real relaxing and euphoric, definitely a nice strain before bed. Batch I got was a little fluffy, but have had some before that was hard as a rock! burns great either way, not the kind I would grind though. Suggest for anyone looking for relaxation, euphoria, pain relief, lack of appetite and of course depression ✌️🌲


Honestly ashamed of myself for not reviewing Girl Scout Cookies yet! This strain is just beautiful. Beautiful high, flower, taste, smell, can't name one thing not amazing about it besides running out of it!:C A great bud to focus on chores or work, easy to sleep on it and great with taking pain away. Also gives me an appetite for smores😋 Beautiful dark green tinted nugs with layers of crystals, can't get enough! 👍😚💨

Kosher Tangie

Tangie is always a fav, but KOSHER Tangie?? Oh damn.. I saw this at The Herbary and just had to try it. Smell is similar to Tangie with the citrus sweetness, yet there is some herbal/spice and.. berry? Tastes like orange peel; citrus, tart, pine, and of course DANK! High is quite euphoric and relaxing. Seems to hide the pain in my healing collar bone(clavicle?) pretty well, honestly a little better than the Hydromorphone the doc has me on. Quickly got cotton mouth, maybe after the second rip in my Gandalf pipe. Not a total inda-couch, got real focused on my music and the feeling to wander outside, but not go too far, ha. Nature is SO beautiful and this strain definitely helps me realize it. I'd suggest this strain for those with stress/anxiety/depression, lack of appetite, and pretty much anyone who likes a great euphoric and relaxing high. Stay medicated peeps😚💨👾👾👾