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Buddy Boy- York (Recreational)

Buddy Boy on York has another loyal customer. $69 out the door for an ounce of 25% White 99?!?!? Crazy deal. Best live resin around too. Great budtenders that are knowledgeable and friendly. I walked out of there and did a happy dance. Satisfied customer for sure. Like Arnold, I will be back.

Grape Ape

Purchased from Buddy Boy 18% THCa. Flower: Huge nuggets. One was 14g. Dark green and purple with some orange hairs. Dense. Smell: Definitely grape juice, sweet and pungent. So grape it almost seems fake. Jolly rancher grape. Crumble: Ground like sour diesel, going from a dense sticky nug to an even fluff that gets bigger when you grind it. Burn: Slow and even. Taste: Very grape and sweet. It's smooth but has a pungent bite if you're not expecting it. High: Reminded me of 9 lb. Hammer. Very heavy and relaxed feeling. Couchlock. Dry mouth. Super indica. Great for lounging and pain relief. Felt like napping a lot though. Overall Experience: 8/10. I will use this as a knockout nighttime strain to help with sleep and pain relief. Too much couchlock and sleepiness for daytime.

Heavy Duty Fruity

Purchased from Buddy Boy on Kalamath. 28% THCa. Flower: Wow. Covered in frost, sparkles in the light. Strawberry sized nuggets, orange hairs and some purple leaves. Very pretty. Smell: Sweet and pungent. Smelling it outside the bag for sure. Crumble: Well cured. Broke up nice and fluffy. Burn: Even and smooth. Taste: I was tasting a sweet berry flavor on the exhale. Smooth and light, slightly unexpected for the pungent smell. High: Great. Alert and able to function, relaxed and happy. Slight head buzz but mostly body warmth and relaxation. Overall Experience: Good for daytime indica use without too much laziness. I liked it a lot. 9.4/10

Blue Cookies

Blue Roots Blue Cookies Flower 21% THC. Flower: absolutely divine. Looks like perfect little frosty Christmas trees with light green and dark blue patches. Covered in orange tendrils. Little bits of purple and trichromes flash in the light. This is top shelf looking High Times cover shoot bud. Smell: Skunk, berry dank. Some hay/fresh cut grass notes Crumble: Perfect. Fluffs when put in a grinder. Premium. Burn: Even and clean. Perfect. Taste: Very blueberry with a definite cookie/sweet sugar taste on the finish. Reminds me of a skunky blueberry cheesecake. High: I'm partial to the high that any Cookies strain provides so I am slightly biased on this topic, for that I apologize. It made me happy and euphoric. Used this medicine before meditating and felt unbelievably relaxed and at peace with everything. I felt no back pain or muscle spasms. Anxiety was gone. I stared out the window for an unknown time contemplating Earth and the universe. This strain is proof that cannabis was put on this Earth for us to achieve a higher consciousness and coexist with all living things. Fuck that got deep fast. Overall Experience AKA TL;DR: 9.7/10. I would've given this a perfect score (like I had given my all time favorite Animal Cookies) if the THC % was slightly higher. Coming in at 21%, compared to Animal Cookies 29%, it has a small amount to improve. Still this is absolutely premium top shelf Cannabis Cup winning quality medicine. The high was one of my favorites (ultra relaxed in body but simultaneously euphoric in mind, happy and up). My hat's off to Blue Roots. They've been coming with total 🔥🔥🔥. Try their Champagne Kush or Skywalker OG if you like this.

World of Weed - Tacoma

This is the best dispensary in the Puget Sound hands down. I've been everywhere and this place has the best deals, most knowledgeable budtenders, and best selection. You can't go wrong with WOW. Plus Charity, Nicole and Matt are the best!

Boy Scout Cookies

Purchased from World of Weed. Flower: like most cookie strains, it is very photogenic. One of my nugs from this batch was 4 grams and I had to stop and admire how colorful and prefect it was. Then I ripped that bitch apart and loaded the bong. Smell: skunky. pungent and sweet. Crumble: fluffy and voluminous once ground up. Certainly feels like you get more for your money when it fluffs in the grinder. Burn: Great. Very clean. Taste: cookies for sure, but a little more indica woody. Sweet on the exhale. High: I'm always fairly clear but relaxed and happy with cookies, and I like the slight increase in indica with BSC. It is a great wake and bake strain. I was making some blueberry crepes and playing the temptations. It was the shit. Overall Experience: 9.8/10 love me some cookies, especially when they tweak it to be a little more body buzz.


Purchased from World of Weed Flower: Beautiful tight popcorn size nuggets of diesel goodness. Smell: Diesel, skunky citrus. Much like sour diesel if you keep it on you people will smell you coming from a block away. Double bag this shit. Crumble: super fluffy and premium. Burn: even and clean Taste: strong diesel skunk finish. I love the sour diesel-esque taste for nostalgic reasons. High: this particular batch tested @ 30% THC so it is a certified ass kicker. I use it to neutralize migraines and back pain and it is glorious. Overall Experience: 9.5/10 One of my favorites if grown right.

Panama Red

Purchased from World of Weed Flower: nice smaller sized buds and not as loose as a typical sativa. Smell: definitely sweet with a little bit of citrus. Has that old school earthy bud smell. Crumble: kinda dry batch so it ground poorly. I was left with a lot of keif looking stuff. Burn: because it was dry, it burned faster and harsher than usual. Taste: pretty much mirrored the smell, a little skunky. High: I'm not a huge sativa fan and tend to lean indica most days, but that being said, I enjoyed Panama. It left me feeling up and talkative. It would be great to wake and bake with. Overall Experience: 8.5/10

Blue Cookies

Blue Roots Cannabis Co. Blue Cookies 20%THC. Flower: Beautiful blue nuggets covered in light green leaves and orange tendrils, frosty trychs. Well manicured. Smell: It's got that delicious cookies kushy smell, with the fruity berry notes. Crumble: very fluffy and delicate. Once ground it can compact very tightly. Keep it loose when rolling or packing it. Burn: Glorious. Cured perfectly. Taste: I am partial to the cookies taste, and love the extra blueberry kick this strain has. Very tasty. High: Strong but mellow and relaxing. I took one bong rip and watched A Fistful of Dollars and totally got sucked into it. Terrific high. Overall Experience: Great medicine. 9.6/10. Not the strongest strain THC wise, but a fantastic experience nonetheless.

Champagne Kush

Blue Roots Cannabis Co. 21% THC 70/30 Indica/Sativa hybrid. Flower: big gorgeous cones covered in long wispy orange hairs. Smell: very fruity and fresh. Crumble: ground up nice and fluffy. Taste: Sweet and kushy with lemon and citrus flavors. High: I had a numb feeling in my face and relaxation in my body. Giggly. Made me sleepy on the come down. Overall Experience: 8.75/10