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JARS Cannabis - Peoria (Med/Rec)

Come on debbies... I love you guys. And look forward to you flash sales.. I’m not cheap but I’ve been smoking long before it was legal so I’m use to getting great deals from the homies.. But a free eighth of “shake” when you spend 100 is a joke and should not be considered a flash sale. Nobody likes to smoke shake and when you sell pot, it’s what you end up getting stuck with.. please please don’t start getting greedy like the other shops around town. Don’t loose what made me love you ♥️. Thanks -James “the cool guy” lol

Grease Monkey

Amazing! This one made it in to my top 5 strains. If you're in to exotics, this is definitely one to try. The gorilla glue and cookies & cream came together perfectly. I can taste a little more of the cookies and cream. The high is really heavy taking away my pain/anxiety and yet leaving me inspired. VERY TASTY! Try it now and thank me later 😊

Marigold Dispensary (Med/Rec)

Bud is average at best. The buy one get one is only on flower not on the concentrates ( even though their ig says it's buy one get one on concentrate and flower). If you buy a so called top shelf flower ( which is mid grade at best) you can only choose the free eighth from the next shelf down. From what I gathered this is just another greedy shop that's not for the patient. Only about the money and max profit.

Herbal Wellness Center - West (Med/Rec)

Went to the Halloween party that hwc put on and was a part of.. very disappointing. The bud tenders at hwc were telling me that you get a bag from vapepen filled with stuff like a inhaler and some cartridges. The flyer that they gave me also said you get a bag filled with "goodies". Lies. They give you a empty bag right when you get there to go to different booths they had set up. There wasn't even anything to get from the booths! Just a couple pre rolls and a .25 of wax. They had a few dab stations set up but the lines were insane. I got there at 730. I feel like I got hustled and burned out of 20$ lol. And most of all let down. Don't buy in to the hype of their party's!

The Mint Cannabis - Encanto

Drove all the way from nw Peoria to get a zip of the 200$ Girl Scout cookies..I get there and they had just sold the last zip :( so I explained my story on how I had journeyed from afar to seeking a the gift of the gods (gsc)...I was bummed and left with my head down... then I hear somebody say "sir, sir, were you looking for the Girl Scouts" I told him yes and he told me that he was sorry that I drove so far and gave me a upgraded bag of cookies for the same price! This is how you keep customers and build a business that will be around 20 years from now. Promote that man!

Harvest - Peoria (Medical)

Nice presentation from the moment you walk in the doors. Armed security near by to make you feel secure. Last thing I want is to be robbed of my meds leaving a clinic. The meds are presented in a glass case all in plain sight with proper lighting. The bud tender who helped me was super cool and very knowledgeable. Made me feel very comfortable even though it was my first visit. Very impressed with the wide selection and variations of meds. I give them a solid 5 nug review!