Doctor Doctor Reviews

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  • “Tried this strain for the first time and am in love with it. I get terrible migraines at night and depend on high CBD strains to live. Doctor Doctor is a new goto medicine for me.”

  • “I love this stuff because helps with anxiety and gives me slight cerebral elevation; it's anti-inflammatory, allays nausea, and eases angst. Perfect for physical therapy or stretching routines. Smells of fruit.”

  • “Oh my lord, this strain is amazing. Ive found the perfect ADD/anxiety medicine for me. Its great for staying productive and not worrying. No worries about pain, the future, the past, or what's going on. With this strain you could push me out of an airplane with a parachute and id calmly and logically figure out how it works. A gold mine for patients with epilepsy, cronic pain, and I'm assuming cancer as well? Certain...”