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Avatar for jimmyinspazzz

Really enjoyed this strain. Caught me off guard a little for several reasons the first being it was a $5 gram. Occasionally as the days get shorter my mood takes on a jaded, slightly pissy Debbie Downer grumpitude expecting things to suck or at least be as is. And let's face it 5 bucks for a gram is about a 1/25 bet it isn't gonna be heady, but it will smoke. Occasionally seeds. Puff the whole gram in one sitting to catch a lil buzz, maybe just light headed. It is fun to try different strains and honestly it is primo compared to brown brick weed. The odds are way better in my neck of the woods anyway since a bad trim job on super heady flower will be priced as such. That is cool with me especially when running across this Bubblicious. So immediately placing it in the lower tier was my first mistake followed by comparing it to Bubble Gum. Which is ok, neat taste, boring buzz, more like medicine to me for sleep, but usually available. This Bubblicious was clearly the dominant bud much like a mutant advanced superhero cousin. The smell pops right out strong & bold reminding me of my childhood chewing those little pouches of Big League Gum. Tasting is a much more complex experience with the candy flavor turning tropical with a musky, cinnamon-like exhale. It is neat. At first thought it was reminisce in pipe of previous strain smoked yet it stayed consistent through whole gram. Plus eight I bought right after which is rare due to being easily bored plus high tolerance. Which brings me to the high which is still very medicinal with a strong indica feel. Yet this strains buzz takes it to the next level with a more bouncy, creative side. Effects seemed to last longer also which kinda had a downside if there was something to do after resting. There was a little foggy hangover sometimes which I considered a bonus in my youth. As a more mature fella there are enough reasons to want to stay in bed all day. Where are Yoko and John when you need them? Anyway like a proper stoner there was experimenting and wouldn't you know "hair of the dog"!!! Just have a joint of this flower waiting on your bed stand for a nice wake n bake right back to bubbly. Nice combo between recreational and medicinal with great tasting thick smoke. Was lucky to grab some from Buds in Eugene which I must vouch this dispensary makes the odds much better at getting some decent affordable weed. Very appreciated =) Cheers

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