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When I’m telling you I felt the whole 9.81 m/s of gravitational force coming down all over my body I realized Isaac Newton discovered gravity when he was stoned. I had both a head and body high, smoked about 8/10 hits from a bong and would def say this amount is not for the weak. You can get dizzy if ur not careful but I wasn’t dizzy even though I am super sensitive. Took me on a mind trip and I got lost in my own thoughts. I was realms deep before I would come back to reality. It makes u so relaxed after a few hours you will want to eat and sleep. I woke up this morning and I am still slightly feeling the effects. It was a beautiful dense flower and I definitely understand why this is 1:1 cbd to thc ratio is used. It makes you forget reality for a bit and be so intuned with every aspect about your body it almost like you could isolate any part of your body and just be that part of you body dissiosiated from the rest. You feel like you are floating and being pushed with pressure down like hugging someone you love and haven’t seen in a really long time. My new fav strain by far.

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