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Avatar for the420mon

Let's start with the smell. Oh, sweet smelly smell. A sweet earthy smell with a very small touch of pine. The flavor matches as well, a nice earthy tone, very woody and very light spice to it. The high is phenomenal, very clear headed and VERY energetic minus the pounding anxiety. Great if you need to get work DONE. But don't over do it, honestly, or you will know exactly what ADHD feels like, and I'm not remotely close to joking. This is a great "going on a hike" strain, it uplifts you and gives you a great energetic high and a little happy. But make sure you keep topping off, as the crash is a really serious crash, tired, very, very tired, which is no good if you're on a hike. Couple this strain with some Golden pineapple and you will go from energetic, to nice calm stone, and end your night with a few hits from cannatonic...I feel these three are the trifecta of cannabis consumption on a camping day. The high lasts a pretty decent while, I'll admit, I'm a natural low tolerance user, and I'm proud of that, 2-3 hits and I'm in the clouds with this stuff. Do NOT use it for sleep. LOL, just don't. What it's NOT good for: Studying/focusing on school work. Paying any serious attention. I'll tell you why. Some strains like harlequin, are PERFECT for studying, it wakes you up, makes you focus, but is mellow. This strain goes from 0-100 fast and stays at 100 until the drop off, where it quickly goes back to 0. If you have ADHD(like I do), stay AWAY from this if you're using it for school work. Stick with mild "In the pines"/"canna tonic"/harlequin type strains. Only time it's okay for an ADHD user to consume this strain is if you need the energy to battle the depression that sometimes sets in with ADHD, and it will help get you outside, as you will not really want to be inside while high on this. DO USE THIS FOR: shopping(bring a list, you tend to be forgetful on this), hiking, boating, any outdoor activity(minus rock climbing, that's just stupid). Doing laundry, cleaning the house, walking your dog. I gave it 4 stars due to the severe crash that I got after a very good body/mind high. 60/40 mix this with canna tonic if you want results similar to the ever elusive Harlequin.