Mellow Vibes Jellies Mixed Berry 10 Pack 100mg

HybridTHC 24%CBD —
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About this product

These refreshingly delicious jellies are made with real fruit and infused with a strain-specific cannabinoid hybrid distillate with live resin terps to deliver a vibe unique to each consumer. Our jellies are vegan, gluten-free, and contain no artificial flavors, colors, or corn syrup.

Shelf life: 12 months
Activation: 15-60 mins
Total per package: 100mg THC
Total per piece: 10mg THC
Pieces per package: 10

Flavor: Mixed Berry
Strain: Wedding Cake | Indica

Mellow Vibes Mixed Berry jellies are jam-packed with blackberry, strawberry, and raspberry flavors to give you a unique and incredible profile of sweetness and tartness.

About this strain

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About this brand

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Mellow Vibes
Mellow Vibes was founded in 2017. We are obsessed with crafting delicious edibles & elixirs that evoke experiences to inspire and connect us all. We offer a robust lineup of artisanal edible & elixir options, available in a variety of flavors, doses and CBD/THC ratios.

Mellow Vibes is found in Oregon, Nevada & California dispensaries. Check the store finder on our website for a dispensary near you.

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