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CenturionPro Solutions

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About CenturionPro Solutions

With our love for marijuana comes a host of trends and fads that continue to make the industry more exciting. One of the latest fads is called ‘extraction’ – which is the process of extracting cannabinoids and other natural ingredients from marijuana plants. When done correctly, extraction creates a high-quality product, and is a good reminder that your chosen type of cannabis doesn’t matter as much as how you grow, harvest, and prepare it for sale. That’s where high-quality trimming machines come in. When it comes to machine trimmers, you need to choose carefully. Choosing one of high calibre such as a CenturionPro trimmer can prevent many of the problems associated with ineffective extracts. CenturionPro’s machines allow for effective extraction because they utilize a non-stick coating that keeps the plants’ trichomes intact so the product isn’t damaged. It’s also important to note that different strains of marijuana contain different genetics. Based on this, some flowers will contain more THC and CBD than others.. But the real fact of the matter is that THC levels become irrelevant if you choose to use a trimming machine that messes with the plant’s complex interaction of natural chemicals. Unfortunately, many people underrate the importance of using machines that carefully process plants so they can easily set their business up for success. So heed this warning; many machines on the market are known for damaging the product because they don’t include these features. When it comes to buying a machine, you’ll want to consider all aspects in ensuring you can complete successful extraction. CenturionPro’s trimming machines use an inner bag that filters the keif so you can use the plants’ oils and edibles – meaning you can easily get on board with extraction, the rising trend in the marijuana industry. Better yet, you can actually do it right.