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Pro Marijuana Marketing

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About Pro Marijuana Marketing

Hello, my name is Christopher Wicklander. I’m originally from Minnesota but have lived in Colorado off and on since 1996. I’m a single Dad of a wonderful 7 year old boy. We love all things Colorado.I have been in marketing and sales my entire life. Like most, I’m self taught. Why I started Pro Marijuana Marketing? I started this company because there is a complete disconnect between cannabis companies, users and the content that’s important to them. Nobody seems to want to fulfill user intent. For example, if you’re a cannabis business owner you know what I’m talking about. Just google how to market your cannabis business and see what you get. See? It’s all bullshit. Content that adds 0 value to users. If I’m a cannabis business owner, I’d expect to see actionable tips I can do right away. Most blog posts I see are the equivilant to my intros. I mean seriously, we’re not in 1998 anymore and the game has changed. I feel as though some didn’t get the memo 🙂 It was June, 2013 when I stumbled onto a blog called ran by Brian Dean. As I was reading his blog I was saying to myself, “This is exactly what the cannabis industry is missing.” Real actionable content frameworks that get results! Combine these with the green industry and walla! The fact is, this industry is a lot different than any other industry. As we get more competitive it’s going to be important for industry leaders to fulfill this content gap. Creating actionable content your users can “use” will set you apart from your competition. Users want it so why not give it to them? This isn’t the black market, it’s the grey market and we need to collectively act like it. You don’t expect to make your brand go viral by just having a nice looking brand, great weed or the next best thing in the industry do you? No, it doesn’t work like that. You have to engage and educate your users. Give, and you shall receive… If you’re going to try and build a lifestyle brand then it’s time to act like it. It’s time to focus on long-term goals. It’s time to focus on branding that will get you the recognition you’re looking for. This is what AMAZING content will do for you. Give me a shout and let’s talk about how to make your brand stand out in this very competitive green industry. Where it all began… I started my first marketing job when I was 15 (1987). I’ll never forget it. I answered an ad in the newspaper that said, “Appointment Setters Needed.” I was like, cool, let’s go check this job out. I called, set up an appointment, and off I went. I can remember walking into this business. It was located in a strip mall. The classic 80’s strip mall lolThe first thing I saw was a wall of vacuum cleaners off to my right that to me, at the time, looked like some sort of space alien ships. After focusing a bit more, I realized I was in a Kirby Vacuum cleaners store. I’ll be honest, I felt like I was just scammed lol Why not just tell me I’m going to be working for Kirby? I soon found out why… After a short training session, I found out I was setting appointments for the Kirby sales team. The hook was to get people to accept a carpet cleaning offer of two free rooms with the end goal being purchasing one of these alien-ship-like vacuums for over $2000. I can remember thinking to myself, this is the eighties and we’re trying to sell vacuum cleaners for over $2000. The next thing I knew I was in a room with a laminated script I was supposed to read word for word to the person on the end of the phone. It was the same cookie cutter bullshit you here today, “Hey, we’re in the area doing blah blah blah.” Is the boss gone yet? As soon as the boss left I stuck that worthless script in the drawer and began to call people the way in which I thought it had to be done. It was awesome, I got right to the point and made it clear to the prospect this was a no obligation sales call and that you were going to get two whole rooms cleaned for FREE! And you don’t have to buy a damn thing! The calls were quick, efficient, and added value to the customer. The moral of the story is, I ended up the top appointment setter that resulted in the most sales. I made such a connection with the person, they were always asking the sales team, “Where is Chris?” I’ve known from that point on I would be doing things differently…