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Terra Canna Farms

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About Terra Canna Farms

Terra Canna Farms is first and foremost about family and community. Setting a High Standard for top shelf products in the cannabis community is merely an extension of the values we at Terra Canna Farms strive to uphold in our everyday lives. We believe in the benefits of the whole plant; as well as, the countless variety of terpene, cannabinoid, color and aroma profiles unique to each of our strains. Each one has been hand-selected from countless phenotypes to produce the flavors and aromas we share with you. You see, Terra Canna Farms is not so much a company as it is a collaboration of like-minded farmers dedicated to a clean and healthy future for all. We Are Terra Canna Farmers! Terra Canna Farmers have exceptional attention to grow practices. Our number one priority is dedication to a clean and natural environment for all of our cannabis products from the farm to the shelf. We are intimately connected to the community we serve and would never poison our own well; and our practices speak to that. This first means a clean and natural product which then means NO PESTICIDES!!! Instead, we use all-natural methods like beneficial insects and plants to take care of any bad bugs or fungi. All batches are flushed bi-weekly from seedling to harvest to ensure a clean tasting quality flower. Our grow media is handcrafted at our farms using the highest grade coco coir, supplemented with our unique blend of organic compost teas. Our compost teas consist of bat guanos, kelp meal, bone meal, earthworm castings and other rich earth elements. These unique teas allow our plants to gain the highest possible nutrient uptake from seedling on through the flowering cycle. Ensured to bring you that full organic flavor and aroma of the flower’s terpene profile. The flowers deserve it as so do you.