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True Hemp Clothing International

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About True Hemp Clothing International

In the middle of February 2012 I attended my last event with my previous clothing company. Shortly after, my partner and I couldn't see eye to eye about the future of that company and I stepped away. I always had a bigger vision for my clothing and brand. My biggest issues were: If we are making MMJ clothing, shouldn't they be made with Hemp? Can’t we do better than just printing graphics on different shirts? Days later it hit me while laying in bed. Clothing, Hemp, MMJ, THC!! True Hemp Clothing. The focus is unique, handmade, durable, and innovative designs. Most will be one of a kind pieces but there will be something for everyone over time. Belts, hats, bags, dresses, shirts, jackets, and shoes. You name it. We aren’t a t-shirt company! I had a dream of a media company for many years. Dreams of movies, music, art, video games, sports, and all types of entertainment. I have a 20 year background in audio/video installation and integration. Over the past 5 years I have been working with clothing and promoting various products. Naturally they all intertwine and so True Hemp Clothing International & were born. Throughout my life I have made incredible friendships and professional connections. Life gives you what you put into it and it is all coming back a thousand fold. Those that know me personally know that I’ve been through some very rough times. In short time, I went from a steady career in audio/video, to laid off, and even homeless. I never gave up and I kept fighting and caring about myself, my dream, and most of all my amazing daughter. I hope my words can help others persevere. At 38 years old I founded my first corporation. It’s never too late to make your dreams come true no matter what life throws your way. I want to thank everyone past, present, and future for all their love and support leading to the realization of my dream. This is my baby from concept to now but I never would have got here without the help of so many people that I am blessed to have around me. I have been blessed with so many caring and talented people!! Thus the time came for me to put them all in a place that would make their talents shine. A place where there are no limits of expression. A place where those that have a love for their art to express it. I give you True Hemp Clothing International. First and foremost we are about innovative True Hemp Clothing, Hemp products, and Hempology. With the added compliment of music, videos, news, people, products, and art of all genres. A home for True Hemp Clothing and fresh, compelling entertainment. True Hemp Clothing and myself are all about integrity. This embodies two core themes: First, all of our clothing, bags, accessories, etc. Anything with our name will be TRUE HEMP. I see so many companies that use blends and I intend to stay True to our name. 100% Hemp or as close as humanly possible. We as well will be as Earth friendly as possible. Whether it’s inks, bi-products, materials, or anything we make. At True Hemp Clothing we love Hemp, Art, and Mother Earth. Second, all the art, services, and products associated with True Hemp Clothing are people and businesses I personally know, use and/or work with. People and products I would recommend to my friends and family. People I believe in just as they believe in me. promotes talent, art, products, and people of various art forms from around the globe. Like our clothing, we are bringing you the unknown. Unsigned talent of all art forms that are trying to make it. I do not charge for ad space. I promote what I believe in. We will grow. I look forward to meeting many talented people. I hope to someday be able to promote nationally and even overseas. I am always looking for talent everywhere I go. Although just South Florida has me overwhelmed with all the talented people that surround me. Some I have never even met but hopefully becomes a place where people of various talents can connect. My Living Art Gallery! I have never been more sure of anything in my life and I have many surprises coming. I promise folks True Hemp Clothing is coming. It takes a lot to pull all of this off. The entertainment is to enhance your experience not to distract you. We are working on it and trust me it will be worth the wait. I do not take shortcuts and we want to give the world something fresh, unique, and relevant for years to come. Style, functionality, and durability. "Some things are more difficult than others to achieve. Nothing is impossible if you believe!”