Black Cherry Soda Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A personal favorite of mine. I enjoy this for a mid-day, clear headed vape. I wouldn't recommend this for bed time. It's starts off in my vape very sweet as the vapor rolls over your tongue, following up immediately by a 'cola/soda-like' taste in your throat. After you exhale is when you really can taste the cherry on your breath. It's creeps up slowly and lingers for a while with minimal comedown. It's fantasti...”

  • “A favorite in flavor and a mediocre but still fun high. She's a creeper and arguably a stage 3 clinger. Swooped in gracefully, stayed for a few and exited gently. The flavor and aroma are intoxicating. Her buds are beautifully marked in deep purple. I love this stuff but it just doesn't hang around long enough to really get to know it. Perfect for a day hike or a stroll on the beach.”

  • “exceptionally smooth smoke and tasty - very nice and easy on the airways... very focused high - good for getting things done... daytime smoke.... very impressed.”

  • “An AMAZING strain for anxiety, great to smoke during the day if you're the productive high type..”

  • “My favorite medicine due to overall effects and incredible taste. I enjoy the relaxed mellow buzz it affords without inducing couchlock. I grew this from clones last year and I wish I could get seeds.”

  • “I picked up some of this lovely strain yesterday and I'm SO glad I did.. the taste is incredible and the effects divine. This is the first strain I've EVER tried that gets me that wonderful tingle of pain relief without making me even more tired. I'm very sensative to most Sativa's so try to stick to Indica and Indica dominate strains.. it is beyond wonderful to be able to function, without pain, or falling asleep ...”

  • “This is a very mellow strain. Very relaxing and calming but not a huge spacey or creative buzz. Noticeable physically relaxing too. I would imagine it would be great for pain.”

  • “I actually quite liked Black Cherry Soda at first. It was recommended to me to help me sleep and to calm my brain at night (to help me sleep). But I've actually found I prefer it as a daytime strain. Although it isn't the most active of feelings, I am able to get tasks accomplished while using it, like chores, banking online, and my crafts. I wouldn't say I feel clear- headed, but I feel lucid enough to communicate ...”