Bloodhound Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This one was pretty average in my opinion. Was a mellow buzz, gave a feel of slight pressure in my forehead, and heavy eyelids. Not quite a bedtime med but it won't energize you either.”

  • “Producer: Solstice Tradition Line. Bag Appeal: 4 out of 5. looks like a good Kush. Smell: Not much when cracking the bag. Less when breaking it up into grinder, and faint when ground up. If any smell at all it's a little fruit punch smelling. Exhale: Oddly Chocolate. Pretty dope. Never had a strain do that. Effects: Uplifting. Headband effect. Has been great for watching football. Doesn't hit all a...”

  • “It has a great flavor and a very strong odor. It's a pretty strong high, and made me a bit more useless than usual. It's closer to couch glue than I was expecting, but I also wound up walking to a few bars/pubs after smoking some with a friend. I wouldn't call it motivational, but it turned out to be a good variety before a social situation.”

  • “I liked the strain. Hit it in my water bong and after 1 bowl I was good. A good day time bud.”

  • “Very sedative and good night time smoke. Really puts me down after just a few hits”

  • “Nice head buzz, good social smoke. Mellow vibes.”

  • “Beautiful chunky nuggets with nice purple flecks. Good head buzz, good for social anxiety.”

  • “Very relaxing strain yet doesn't put me to sleep or give me extreme euphoria. I find it to be a great daytime smoke.”