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Blue Hash Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “If you're looking for a "head" high, this likely isn't the strain for you. That said, I feel this may be the most intense body high I've ever experienced. 20 minutes after smoking this you'll forget you have a physical presence. I'll be back for more of this...”

  • “5 stars if you are looking for an out of this world body high . I have 3 herniated discs in my back and a spinal stenosis , this alleviated all of the pain , Was so relaxed , so at peace . No head rush speedey thinking paranoiia at all , this also calmed my anxiety 10 stars for anxiety and pain relief !!!”

  • “This medicine saved my girlfriend from an epileptic seizure more than once after a few puffs her spasms stop completely. I enjoy the taste and the high but love this strain for its ability to give relief to those who need it.”

  • “review for blueberry hashplant c02 bhang cartridge from pure life new mexico. tested at 58.53% THC, 0.32% CBD, 0.31% CBN, 2.30% CBG, and 1.03% CBC. the best cartridge I've tried so far up to date. taste like fine hash or some very good dry sift kief, with a high of fruit. very nice medicine for pain, insomnia, appetite, and a nice clear head change. very highly recommended!!!🔥👍😸💣🚬.”

  • “Hubba, hubba, a very powerful strain. One of those strains where you feel the effects almost immediately. Looking at the Blue Hash under magnification revealed a very healthy and abundant amount of trichomes. Taste is good with a little expando action. A very steep but calming high, it seemed to make the world a bit sunnier.”

  • “Definitely one my favorites strains, perfect for a good night sleep after a long day.”

  • “Nice and mellow!!”

  • “Most strains including indicas keep me awake but this does not, so nice for evenings. Overall a great strain.”