Cold Creek Kush

Cold Creek Kush

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Cold Creek Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that crosses the powerful MK Ultra and fellow Colorado native Chemdawg 91. The work of T.H. Seeds, this strain nabbed 2nd place at the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup in the indica category. Cold Creek Kush flowers at 9 to 11 weeks, but must have adequate room to stretch out its limbs. Piney and sour, users rave over its fresh taste and balanced effects, which are relaxing without being too sleepy.

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Strain Attributes

Muscle Spasms
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

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  • 1. Pungent
  • 2. Woody
  • 3. Sweet

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“Great strain, very functional Kush hybrid. One thing though.....It's COAL Creek Kush, not COLD Creek.....Lets not start mixing/messing up strain names and all that like some high school kids, ok?”

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“This review is for : COAL CREEK KUSH picked up an O-pen vape cartridge Reserve. Testing info ; D9THC : 60.50 % CBN : 0.80 %. CBD : 1.78 % Myrcene: 7.14 mg Limonene: 1.52 mg Linalool : 0.42 mg Great flavor - not harsh at all ! 😊👍🏼 A great thing to have for On the Go , and for places where smoking isn't permitted, they are even great for before bed .... a few hits , and I sleep 😴 better generally.”


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