Confidential Wreck Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “🔆🔆🔆 Got my first batch of this tasty flower|cross between Trainwreck + LA Confidential -- (aka Lohan, which I find hilarious ;) I've never tried LA Confidential before, so I can't speak on its' flavor, profile, etc., but I DEF taste the DELISH top-shelf 'Wreck, which can only make ya happy! 👌🏻 Top-floor euphoria is something for which I look, and CoW delivers! Focused + creative, I just lost an unplanned-hour...”

  • “Just picked up a half oz of Lohan from my local dispensary. When I first got a smell of it, I was instantly a fan. The citrus aroma is amazing! And it smokes just as good as it smells. A+ strain in my book”

  • “This truly does help me alot with my pain pain and keeping calm and relaxed. thanks for that”

  • “This wasn't the fanciest of strains but don't underestimate it. Almost has a skunk / diesel smell to it, but it tastes completely different than it smells! Rich snowy pungent nugs. To me it was more of a body high. Good stuff!”

  • “lasts 2+ hours , mad munchies love it”