Critical Bilbo Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Whoa, this strain had me feeling like Bilbo Baggins chilling with Gandolf getting heavily medicated. I'll call this one "my precious".”

  • “amazing head high to start you off as you feel a sweet humming in your bones and joints. sweet laughter filled my head resulting in a huge dorky grin. now I feel like I'm floating above my bed just enjoying the waves of solitude . amazing. no more pain. no more sadness. just sweet life.”

  • “Great strain. Gave me the rankest munchies though! Stack up on snacks for this one.”

  • “Smoked 1 joint and was done for the night. Makes you laugh like hell.”

  • “A very heavy, narcotic, hard-hitting flower. First time got me totally wasted on 0,5g, smoked from a joint, and I am no beginner. You are likely to have some visuals with this. My absolute favourite bedtime bud. A fat J and I've got about two hours of serenity before bedtime. Difficult to score in my neck of the wood, but totally worth looking for.”

  • “Superb, knocked me for 6 👌 #clouchlock”

  • “The effects are variables depending the patient mood, logicaly.”

  • “really good weed, good taste and perfect to have a chill out time, the music sounds much better believe me hahahahaha”