Critical Widow Reviews

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  • “This shit helped me unlock the secrets of the universe. It turns out there isn't that many, or maybe i just got tired. 4/5 Universes.”

  • “Plante la auto critical widow de professional seeds, buen rendimiento i grandes cantidades de tricomas que producen un efecto narcotico i euforizante seguido de un relax intenso.”

  • “I have been in servere pain since the age of 5. Critical Widow is the right strain for my illnesses from a car accident fibromyaliga, pinch nerve in my neck, heriated disk in my neck, torn rotor cup in my right shoulder, etc. When you first talke a puff you don't feel it, but then it creeps up. my pain was a 20 instead of 1-10 level of pain. Critical Widow, made me sleep, made my pain go down to an 8, It last ab...”

  • “Smokes great and has a pungent odor, buds are a bit stringy but its genetic.”

  • “Critical Widow nugs are dense and resinous, with high bag appeal. I'm not sure if I got an off phenotype, but this batch from Harvest smells strongly of pickles, tasting much the same, though that is my only real complaint. While smooth, it still lets you know you're getting something. I find myself relaxed yet energetic, mildly social and quietly contemplative with this strain as my L4-L5 disc pain eases itself i...”

  • “It really sneaks up on you, but when it hits, you feel great, all problems go away, then after a while it gets really relaxing”

  • “Smooth relaxing high with an amazing taste! Definitely recommend this strain for other people”

  • “Pretty decent hybrid, took care of a headache. Also relaxing and a little psychedelic.”