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Fruity Widow Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Nice couch melt that makes you smile while easing pain and stress. A happy go to for a movie and then sleep. Went back for more.”

  • “wow realy good strain, relaxing, making happy, a bit euphorie and uplifting”

  • “Very accurate stats no cap”

  • “Very Strong, yummy strain. Keeps you feeling relaxed, happy and sharp. This is probably my new favorite.”

  • “Smells and taste amazing. It's like smoking a joint of fruity pebbles!”

  • “This is another excellent indica-dominant hybrid. Melts stress away, good for winding down and transitioning into a less stressful state. This is a powerful strain, so be careful, they don't call it fruity widow for nothing ! I found it more useful during evening / night hours opposed to morning / day because of the potency.”