Lemon Daddy Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “tastes amazing. pretty buds and great taste. superb lift from it”

  • “Very citrusy smell to accompany the beautiful orange highlights in this dense bud. Sweet taste highlighted with citrus. Mellow high that sets in throughout the body, while sharpening your attention and focus. Perfect for any time of day”

  • “Very nice high, left a nice lemony taste in my mouth. I felt really creative. Went to work and was able to function.”

  • “Certainly on the lower end of the spectrum that I would recommend.”

  • “Makes me feel really good. Leaves a nice citrus/lemon taste in your mind. I love it.”

  • “Cannabis is very subjective so what I experience may be completely different from what you experience while medicating. Using a volcano I was just introduced to this strain. You can definitely pick up the citrus notes. In a perfect world I would have a higher percentage of GDP in this end product. GDP great for pain, so this strain does help with pain. The Lemon haze comes through with a nice head high. Great for sta...”

  • “The fragrance of this bud is amazing and the taste is unreal! It's very lemony and smooth. The high is a unique one being a hybrid you feel the effects of both parents. Sometimes a burst of energy and then some moments where you need to sit and chill... a cool high.”

  • “Amazing Effects! This One Has A Punch and Lives Up To Its Reputation. Wake and Bake Recommended💯”