Lemon OG Haze Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “a well balanced hybrid giving both energetic raciness to sedating Couchlock if you overdo it. which I do. I actually am the guy who suggested to leafly that they cover this strain and am mega happy to see they did. fell in love with it last year when I done a 5 pack and was presented with 5 different phenos one which I loved, a more las Vegas lemon skunk typed pheno. still dream of it. love it. going to get more seed...”

  • “First time reviewer here. Lemon OG haze has landed itself in my personal top three favorite MMJ Sativa strains that I've had the pleasure of smoking. If you keep your buds in mason jars, you're going to have to control yourself from opening the jar just to take a whiff of that semi sweet, citrusy smell that puts a smile on your face every time. You can even taste a hint of lemon every time you inhale. Usually whe...”

  • “Just completed a round of Nirvana autoflowers (Bubbleicious, Blueberry Kush, Jock Horror, Northern Lights & Lemon OG Haze) & here is the info for Lemon OG Haze AF. Grown in CANNA coco with CANNA nutrients (Start, A&B, Zym, Rhizo, PK 13/14, Boost) in 2L airpots. ViparSpectra R900 LED in 4'x2' grow box. •Strain: Nirvana Lemon OG Haze AF • Height 30" • Wet weight = 185g • Dry weight = 28g • 62 days to finish from see...”

  • “Great taste if flushed well. Curbs anxiety and major phantom pain and chronic back pain/arthritis. Helps me pass out if I dab or vape concentrate. Worth a try if you're body chemistry is upside down and indicas dom hydrids are too much for you!”

  • “• this review is for T 25% hybrid flower that smokes like a sativa leaning-hybrid, which I prefer as my morning smoke. Extremely easy on asthma, and the angst I had been feeling dissipates immediately as a calm takes over.. Flavor is good, albeit pretty mildly-lemon.. hoped for more. Another oversized hit in, head-to-toe warming+relaxation, as creativity+focus spark, and I look forward to the project at hand. This is...”

  • “Hosted a house party and hotboxed with a few guys before going to the club in the basement. I have to say i was really energetic and alive. Its great for social. Not something i would smoke alone to write songs or chill”

  • “What can I say about this strain? You're my friend, the first thing and last thing I think about in bed. Oh you burn so nice, you wrap me up tight and man do I get high! Thank you lemon OG haze!”

  • “INCREDIBLE I have had many lush stains before ( all wonderful. ) But the OG LEMON BAZE IS GOAT. the color, the textures, ( trichomes ), the flavor!!! As we speak I'm stoned AF tasting lemon on my tongue, super sweet taste! And very pungent definitely recommend this! .”