Mai Tai Cookies

Mai Tai Cookies

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Mai Tai Cookies is a CBD-rich hybrid strain bred by Terraform Genetics, who crossed Alien Orange Cookies and ACDC.  She took 1st place for “Best CBD Flower” at the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles. This hybrid is very frosty compared to most CBD strains and has a unique aroma of cherries and orange peels.  With a high that is very relaxing and yet functional, patients would typically choose this strain for pain and anxiety. Her flowers have a dense structure similar to that of Girl Scout Cookies and are ready for harvest after a flowering cycle of 50-55 days. This wonderful strain won 1st Place for Best CBD Flower at the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles and 2nd Place for Best CBD Concentrate at the 2016 High Times Concentrate Cup.

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Strain Attributes

Dry Mouth

Strain Data

All values are averages.
7 - 9 wks
10 - 12 wks
> 12 wks
Parents of Mai Tai Cookies


  • 1. Orange
  • 2. Tree Fruit
  • 3. Spicy/Herbal

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“This strain actually takes my pain away and makes me feel super happy. This is my must go to strain for fighting my pesky backpain”

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“Best CBD strain I've found in Los Angeles. Absolutely fantastic, should be famous. Please pick this up and tell people about it if you love CBD flowers. Perfect 1:1 ratio, incredibly relaxing, no anxiety. My favorite. The phenotype you want to get, that the folks who work at WHTC will tell you, is called Blood Orange Cookies. That's the best version of this strain, Mai Tai Cookies. It's almost the same, just slightl...”


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