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  • “This is ultimately my new favorite strain. It gives me that feeling I've been searching for this whole time, the feeling that I never want to leave my body. The high is perfect for a late afternoon or evening, going great with any occasion. It makes me want to be around other people, the aroused feeling is the most relaxing and calming and it feels too good to not want to share this strain with others. I am almost l...”

  • “This strain treats my body very well. Hardly any taste or smell and not a heady smoke either... but it does work very well muscle fluidity and pain management.”

  • “I love any strain from Tikun Olam and OR is a really good one. If you need to medicate to sleep this will get the job done!”

  • “Or means light in English, and once you taste this strain you'll know why. The buds are almost yellow in color. fluffy and pungent with a slight ammonia, chemical tinge, but fruity too. This stuff takes you on a journey and will send you into a nice relaxing sleep for the night (or day.) Excellent for appetite and for treating stress and PTSD.”

  • “Great for stress and sleeping”

  • “.this strain realy!!! helped me with my back pains. great for pain relief. it does have other qualitys but in order to find out what they are you will have to try it yourself.”

  • “love this strain good very euphoric can't stop chuckling while writing this, good for pain, congestion and ptsd definitely best strain i have tried in a long time definitely”

  • “I tried this strain to deal with insomnia. I'm happy to say that it does the job well. The effects come on quickly and pleasantly. It's quite relaxing, relieving stress and providing some pain relief for my severe osteoarthritis. It's not a particularly long lasting medication. After about an hour, I feel pretty much back to a non-medicated state. Therefore, this is something I would do right before retiring for th...”