Purple Gorilla Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “In the challenge of great purple primates, Grape Ape is the alpha, with Purple Gorilla runner-up. Not as dense but just as sticky. Tastes of earth and citrus, very diesel / skunk / chem / pungent, no noticeable grape flavor. Good anytime medication for pain, happiness and relaxation.”

  • “This that grade A budd, smells and taste great. Finally got my connect to get this and then copped a half oz of it just had too.”

  • “This shit sat me down after three hits. It's some of the best weed I've had in recent memory. I mean I couldn't walk for half an hour... ✌️”

  • “very fruity berry flavor in the volcano. Definitely a killer purple strain with lots of funky flavor and dark hues!”

  • “omg..this is so smooth..it is really the purple version of a good gorilla glue...giving you purple chill and high of the gorilla”

  • “This is the very dank. Dark purple and musky/earthy. The first time I enjoyed it, I took giant puffs and it snuck up on me. I was in a twilight state for hours. I felt no pain (I had been in terrible pain before smoking) and I could feel the smile lift my face a little more every so often. This strain is so dreamy I would take it to the home coming dance. I read somewhere that if you can, you should space your slee...”

  • “Absolutely love this strain. I get mine from patio wellness, a delivery service in the bay. It is super frosty and pretty to look at. The nugs are frosty green with pretty purple spots throughout it. It makes me feel super relaxed and stoney. Definitely an amazing indica body high-can relieve pain. Great for patients with nausea and appetite loss. Love this strain for night times, esp with a special someone :)”

  • “This shit strong.. Fire weed good taste great High will make you cough”