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Satori {{value}} {{symbol}}Sri {{category}}Hybrid


4.2| 67 Reviews

What is Satori?

This strain is a true hybrid in that it is a 50/50 mix of sativa and indica. Mandala Seeds bred Satori by crossing Lucid Dream with another unnamed sativa hybrid. Satori plants flower within 9-10 weeks and produce light green buds with plenty of crystals. The flowers have a unique aroma that is reminiscent of tea and honey.

Where to Buy Satori

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Satori Effects and Attributes

Lack of Appetite
Muscle Spasms
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Satori Genetics and Grow Info

All values are averages.
7 - 9 wks
10 - 12 wks
> 12 wks

Satori Flavors

  • 1. Woody
  • 2. Earthy
  • 3. Nutty

Review Highlights

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Most Helpful

“I grew 10 seeds 9 popped 7 were female 1 inside 6 outside this strain seems a little unstable I had one only grow 2 feet tall only had about 10 grams one was over 7 feet tall full of Trichromes with a Hugh yield couple pounds the others were about 5 to 6 feet but didn't look or taste as good as the taller one with much smaller buds and they smells almost like a skunk pooped in a baby diaper but has a Fruit Jell...”

Most Recent

“I enjoy this strain a lot. I’m on my 4th grow with my own mandala satori seeds now. Earthy aromas, easy grow. It’s amazing uplift and just puts you on the TGV of getting stuff done or enhances something that needs to be done. This strain definitely does not procrastinate or leave you hanging. If you want to get off the couch and shit done then this is for you.”


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