Space Cream

Space Cream

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What is Space Cream?

Space Cream by Hotsause Genetics is an indica-dominant hybrid with surprisingly uplifting effects. This strain keeps the consumer alert, but hazy mental effects may make it difficult to articulate that alertness. In a way, it gives your mind couchlock while allowing the body to roam unencumbered. It is ideal for social settings and for patients seeking relief from mild pain, depression, and mood swings. Expect an odor of citrus blossom, pine, and hops which blend into a creamy sweetness on the exhale.  

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Space Cream Effects and Attributes

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Space Cream Genetics and Grow Info

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Space Cream Flavors

  • 1. Sweet
  • 2. Citrus
  • 3. Pine

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“🍰🍭 Space Cream is even tastier than both of it's fantastic parents, Space Queen and Trainwreck. I'm such a fan of both of these strains and I have to say that Space Cream takes the cake. The taste of this hybrid is unbelievable. So smooth, creamy, sweet and earthy. Great for depression or stress, it gives you a peace of mind while allowing you to still function. It put a smile on my face and put me in a very tranqu...”

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“Nice calming strain. I smoked some intense GSC and was not enjoying the racy effects and smoked some of this strain. Ooooh, nice calming effect. It really helped blunt the buzzy, racy effect of the GSC and took me to a much more enjoyable space. It nice a nice cerebral effect that is calming and helps you to feel more relaxed. It is not buzzy or racy. Space cream has nice dense nugs that are dark green. It has an in...”


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