VCDC Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A bit challenging to grow inside as it tripled in height during the stretch, and didn't respond that well to being topped. Good resin production - I extracted 6 cc RSO from 1 oz. The buds tested at 13% THC and 12% CBD (using thin layer chromatography plates). Very effective for my daughter's chronic back pain, without making her feel too out of it. Helps with my irritable bowel and insomnia too.”

  • “This is one of, if not my most, favorite strains. The CBD is very apparent, making it amazing for anxiety and any discomfort in your body. It's also fantastic for nausea.”

  • “4.5: A great combination of sativa uplift and CBD relaxation and overall goodness. I can function fine and it completely eliminates any 'nervousness' that one may be looking to alleviate. Don't underestimate the low THc's ability to put you on cloud 9.”

  • “Favorite strain !!! Great for pain and anxiety.”

  • “some of the most purple bud I've came across, almost black, it was beautiful. tested at 9%thc and 6%cbd. had a earthy almost spicy taste with a hint of pine skunk. worked great for anxiety and nervousness. great strain, gotta love the CBD bud goddess. stay medicated in the 505!!!”

  • “Love it can't go wrong. Pain and anxiety --a+++”

  • “Honestly... Top two favorite strains (with Canna Tsu aka Fioraleve A in CT MMJ lingo). First purple too!!! Dark berry flavor. 🍇🍠🌳 Easy for me to breathe in (unlike other strains). I vaped the flower, crystals were awesome and was very sticky. Body and mind high, absolutely love. I'm not a big THC fan and am pretty sensitive to it; so this was perfect. Pain ease, was also nauseous before from my immuno suppressants...”

  • “This, as mmj, is to pain and inflammation what Neosporin is to cuts. I'd love to have this in my medicine cabinet all the time!”