831 OG

831 OG

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What is 831 OG?

831 OG, aka Santa Cruz OG, is an indica-dominant strain developed by 831 Organiks. Created by crossing the rare and potent Inferno F1 cut with the West Coast mainstay, SFV OG, this combination of heavyweight indicas imbues consumers with deep relaxation that borders on sleepy, especially with continued consumption. The aroma is pure fuel while the flavor opens up with notes of pine, earth, and lemon. Enjoy this strain near the end of the day, but beware, this strain has been known to reach toward 30% THC.  

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“This strain is amazing. It's my go to strain when I just need to mellow out and don't have a ton to do. The initial onset is so euphoric and the first time I smoked it I had a perma-smile that I could not get rid of...even when I heard the news that my dog had died I kept on smiling...my friends thought I was crazy. I would not recommend smoking this just before a funeral. You might piss some people off with your big...”