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9 Pound Hammer Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “TGA all Day Hands Down Love This Indica With A nice .22% cbd percent you know its sure gots to have a nice % of THC-V(pain reliever).Its got a Wonderful Relaxing Body High with a great euphoric rush throughout the body.Perfect strain to enjoy the rest of the night,Nice Berry,Fruity Flavor and Aroma. I Would Recommend For Pain,Sleep,and Stress..Most definitely another new favorite from Subcool420@TGA Genetics.5/5 Have...”

  • “9 Pound Hammer was my first strain. It is the reason I was able to walk up stairs without stopping at each step from pain, in almost 20 years. Considering I'm in my very early thirties, that's saying something. If this is a "gateway" to anything, it's to a normal life, without pain 💚”

  • “9# Hammer and I just met tonight, but we're in love. At least, I'm in love with 9# Hammer. I have anxiety issues and have a tremendous amount of nervous energy, but 9# Hammer soothes my nerves. I don't experience a great euphoria with this strain...more of a pleasant uplifting. I can see this being a very functional strain for me. It takes my stress level down to 0, creates a kind of warm and pleasant vibe, an...”

  • “Well if you need pain management ,and sleep help,this strain is for you. Tightly packed sticky buds,with I found to be pine/earthly flavored and slow burning. My new night time have nothing to do,go to bud”

  • “Love this strain. Probably among the smoothest I've vaped. The taste is top notch with berry and a bit of citrus mixed in. Can't say enough about the effects, which are very pleasant. I got a strong floating body feeling with a very lucid mind high. I definitely recommend for Indica lovers.”

  • “9lb Hammer is a wonderful indica that's perfect for after dinner and/or before bed. Tastes like grape bubblicious and is very effective in combating deep pain as well as stress. This was a favorite strain when dealing with pain after radiation from leukemia. I love indicas for this reason and 9lb Hammer does the job, highly recommended!”

  • “the name definitely fits, it made my pain go away with in minutes. has a big earthy taste which I didn't like but I'd defently buy it again for how well it works for pain.”

  • “What an incredible job done by 50 fold in spokone washington. The most amazing heavy high that I have ever had in my life. The color of the bleeding hearts on the bottom of the buds was the most vibrant colors of purple and pink and the detail of the trim job on every dense nug was absolutely as close to perfect that you can get. It tasted exactly how it smelled with a pungent diesel and earthy pine smell to it with ...”