Aurora Indica Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “My Aurora Indica was grown from seed in 80/20 Perlite/Vermiculite with an 8 week veg cycle. Each plant was topped once at 4 weeks. 3 plants produced nearly 450g total. Good leaf to bud ratio. Dense bud structure even under a T5. Strong branching required no support. Harvested with cloudy and amber trichomes. Sticky even after months of curing. Gums up a grinder quickly. With such a generous yield I was able to try c...”

  • “My go to medication for sleep. Full body relaxation that leaves the mind clear. Best sleep I've had in a long time.”

  • “This is the perfect Indica, spicy taste bordering on an assault on the sense when you smell your fingers after breaking the buds apart, regularly causing sneasing sessions with the sensory overload, nice but not at the same time. Anyway sidetrack (smoking this right now and just drank a cannamilk concoction from 35g of old dry stems so better get this finished before that takes effect), the medicnal properties are st...”

  • “Simply an outstanding Indica, perhaps one of the greatest. Smooth, fuzzy smoke with a subtle fruity piney taste. Immediately makes the brain feel furry and a good stone comes over you after righteous bong rip. I'm currently growing this myself and hope my harvest turns out as exceptional as this particular flower. Highly recommended. I will be returning to this strain.”

  • “Very heavy buzz for first few days until you get used to it!...90% Indica from Nirvana....Dreamy when first smoked...just try to stay awake for a bit until you succumb to the mighty Aurora stream! Peace n Pot -V-”

  • “One of the best weeds I've ever smoked for night time. Incredible blueberry taste with a slight musk, this strain relieves my back and neck pain and also helps my stomach calm down. Time slows and you are sweept away to a nice sleep. Relaxing for your body and mind, followed up by feeling super clean the next day.”

  • “This is what I grow to relieve MS-related spasticity, and those I share with love the smell of this and more importantly, its action. This is seriously a nighttime strain, though; an outrageous body high, plus complete relaxation and a fantastic night's sleep.”

  • “This is the strain I am currently working with in my indoor setup. This plant recovers from well from issues and will on growing as hard as it can. It responds well to both topping and low stress training. To those who like to experiment with defoliation: be prepared to have some some tall plants. The smell is strong, and without proper odor control you could run into some issues if stealth is a concern. I am current...”