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Black '84 Reviews - Page 2

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Fire Indica! Not sure how I hadn't heard of this strain before, but wow the high is definitely up there with the best. Very stoney, couch lock, pain relieving high that just gets more intense over the course of ten minutes or so before settling in. Top 10 favorite.”

  • “Dry Heavy-hitting smoke. This I loike! 👌”

  • “decent body high. feels good. very relaxed.”

  • “Found this as UW Black and impressed on how strong this little indicia strain actually is. Earthy-Woody taste with a piney aroma, super relaxing for both mind & body. At first it was a bit harsh but as it burns it mellows out, personally I found it best topped with a bit of rich wax/oil and it quickly went to "lights out".”

  • “I got this strain due to the high THC content (24%). The flavor is not the best, but the head high is good.”

  • “pretty good.”

  • “Everything you'd want an indica to do”

  • “One of my favorite night time strains. Smooth and flavorful, kicks in fast. Not only helps with my insomnia but also with my back pain. Try this if you're looking for something to treat pain and give you a good nights sleep.”