Black Lime Special Reserve Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “I have anxiety disorders and major depression. I was hesitant to try this strain because it is sativa dom. But I absolutely love it. It tastes fantastic and smells delicious. It made me feel relaxed and euphoric. I guess its great for pain, I wasnt aware of that when I bought it so thats an extra bonus. Very strong and hit me immediately. I didnt feel the couch lock but once I came down I slept like a baby. Very ple...”

  • “Great strain, not an indica though. If leafly did their research, this a hybrid leaning towards the sativa side. This is not a new strain either. This has been in Mendocino county for years. Awesome smoke though!”

  • “Just... Awesome. It was borderline psychotropic, but that's just me; I smoked four bong hits every 10 minutes, this is saying a lot for me. Because: 1. I'm a lightweight. 2. I don't often do bong hits. 3. I usually don't go back for seconds, let alone 4. 4. I would have smoked more if not for falling asleep. Oh yeah,then relax into a happy deep sleep.”

  • “A fun Indica with a twist, how could I resist? Purplish kush nugs, earth and lime scented. A little hash as flower when smoked, tasty, strong but not off the hook. Could be used all day if needed. Great for relaxation and pain management.”

  • “What a time to be a stoner! I can buy this at the store? Holy hell what an explosion of flavors. I get something different every blast, pine then lemon then earthy then sweet. It says indica and the linage would point that way but I get way more of a sativa effect from it , I think it takes after the Northern Lights the most. I think the price of this will be going up as the demand exceeds the supply. I think it wou...”

  • “This strain provides a relaxing yet uplifting euphoric high. The body relaxation is great and I notice positives effects in combating my anxiety. Frosty bud. Lot of orange hairs. Bomb weed overall.”

  • “Such a great strain. Immediate high, slowly relaxing your body as it grows. Perfect for chronic pain sufferers. Also quite euphoric. I have noticed though, that coming down from this, I always end up passing out into nap time. Definitely one of my top 10's.”