Black Russian Reviews

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  • “I never smoked weed until very recently. It was suggested after moving to WA state and a friend has been telling me it would help with my PTSD. Based on the suggestion of the lady at our local shop I've been smoking this. Someone else also suggested this site today and I was really surprised to find all the reviews about the effects of this strain! Definitely helps with my PTSD, general anxiety, panic attacks, depres...”

  • “Best strain I have grown yet. very good taste and a heavy hitter.”

  • “very nice, fruity and potent. mellowing effect and eases anxiety smooth smoke and ends to put you in sleep mode”

  • “I love it black Russian tastes great and gets me to a place of rest and happiness”

  • “My go to strain. I always get a ton of keef in the catcher from this strain. On top of that it gives me a nice relaxing high where I can sit back and enjoy most anything. Good for sex too.”

  • “Excuse me because it's seems I passed out fully dress smoking this stuff! Stuff hits you pretty hard good for those nights you can't Sleep and perfect for watching the BBC life!”

  • “Nice strain with beautiful dense sticky buds. pungent fruity earthy citrus notes with a very relaxing head to toe felt high perfect for one whom seeks relaxing mellow vibes.”