Blackberry x Blueberry Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “went in today on Broadway very impressed with my budtender and the house blueberry xblackberry real good bud for 99 $”

  • “Cute tiny bids is what I got from LivWell. The perfect treat after an exam, or to relax after a very busy day. It had an interestingly sweet taste. I recommend cleaning your piece to get the full experience.”

  • “Top Ten possibly 5 Indicas - great body buzz and mental high - clouds is where i was .. Felt light. Not tired but super relaxed. Enjoyed this at iBake was great experience will be getting more of this! Oh and the taste is on point!”

  • “Good for light smokers. For those with a higher tolerance, I wouldn't suggest this one.”

  • “While maybe not a 5 star it is a very nice strain... One of those u don't wanna stop smelling after grinding... Definitely an indica but not "couch- locky" ... Very nice strain.”

  • “Very nice strain. Bought some in Trinidad, CO at Livwell. I felt relaxed but not sleepy, nice body high. Perfect for watching Rick and Morty reruns and snacking.”

  • “bfn5 was good . flavor was mild but not a bummer. high was nice mixed. potencey was lacking but that could just be me. Will give you some m nice naps and also can be a bit heady. overall I enjoyed this strain.”

  • “Alright boys and girls strap in for the best god damn american filled, stoner infused , punkadelic review you've heard. First note here this strain is HEAVY INDICA and it don't play around. I burnt not 1 but 2 different sheets of 20 something pizza rolls while zombified on this late night. I do not suggest naps in between munchies because you will forget really fast. In the good aspect this strain is amazing for thos...”