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Blue Steel

4.1| 9 Reviews

What is Blue Steel?

Blue Steel by Exotic Genetix is an indica-dominant strain with fruit-forward flavors. Created by crossing the pungent OG Blueberry and The Cube, a Starfighter F3 phenotype bred in-house, Exotic Genetix has outdone itself with this subtly sedative crowd-pleaser. The flavor and aroma are thick with the scent of blueberries and the nugs are smothered in a layer of frosty trichomes. Enjoy this strain throughout the day to boost mood and appetite while promoting a creative headspace. 


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Blue Steel Effects and Attributes

Lack of Appetite
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Blue Steel Genetics and Grow Info

Blue Steel Flavors

  • 1. Blueberry
  • 2. Earthy
  • 3. Berry

Review Highlights

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“Vaped in my MFLB. Earthy, herbal flavor with plenty of piney terps. Head effects are pleasant--euphoric but controlled--and fairly short lived, fading from head to body after only two hours or so. Body high is relaxing, without much dry mouth or eye redness. Uncharacteristically for an indica-dominant hybrid, this strain didn't put me to sleep as it tailed off, which was nice. This would be a good choice for w...”

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“Smoked medical flower from Minerva Canna Co, wonderful heady high, very relaxed but not couch locked. Berry flavor with pine throughout, very earthy overall. Love this strain.”


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