Buddha Tahoe Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Buddha Tahoe OG from R. Greenleaf organics, Inc. tested at 23.69%THC and 0.15%CBD. very nice tasting, reminds me of chem dog in taste. smooth on inhale and a bit hard on exhale. very nice head high more so than body. smells piney skunky and chem smelling. very nice hybrid and wud definitely recommend if u come across a good batch.”

  • “This was a hard hitter for me ! Made me want to sit on the sofa all day! Smells amazing!”

  • “I've had this strain many times now and it is one of my favorites. Although it's more of an indica the high feels almost like a sativa high, but you can still feel that real nice body high. Helps me keep focus which is hard to find in a good indica. Has a really earthy smell and you can taste the citrus just so slightly. smokes really nice especially rolled up 👌”

  • “I'm no veteran smoker or anything but this strain, damn... One hit and 5 minutes later I'm relaxed, chatty, laughing. I felt high but not *high* like I didn't know what was going on or what I was saying didn't feel like it took an hour to say. Had a peaceful inner feeling too. Like, "just be", y'know? Best yet, for me anyway!”

  • “Feel stoned and relaxed. Happy and feel a little hungry, don't feel too tired but a little couch locked.”

  • “great stuff. had me sitting for two hours.”

  • “Very good natural anti-anxiety, antidepressant, also good for increasing appetite and relaxation”

  • “Great pine and grass smelling nugs, that thick vape hit lingers in the air for long periods of time the classic Amsterdam cartoon scenes with haze in the air. Buddha gives me the hard hitting coughs that bring out the full in hale for my asthma as it allows me to breath. A wondrous whole body effect of pain numbing. Great tastes of flowery and pungent pine/ Earth. In these packed nugs a whopping 20.4% for veganic bud...”