Buddha's Sister Reviews

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  • “Got this beautiful Indica from NETA in Brookline, M.A. Bomb strain. 17% THC. Great for daytime to relax you in small moderation though. Best for nighttime great to help with insomnia ptsd depression anxiety. Great Earthy woodsy smell & taste. Leaves an awesome smell behind when done smoking similar to incense smell awesome!!! Not super strong but does the trick and will couch/bed lock you if u over do it. Great overa...”

  • “Incredible medicine, this strain has amazing healing qualities. After smoking this, I feel happy, content, driven, and outgoing. If you suffer from depression / anxiety, this is a great strain to look towards”

  • “This is the first Good Buddahs sisiter I've has . Got it at a new "To me" dispensay Called Coloraod Harvest Company. Nice Nugs very clean Grown in dirt with not a lot of pumping up.. Good buzzz Last a while I would deffently reccommend this for sleep.. Pain also but Sleepy eye happy pot thats what this is! Thanks to the Harvest Company for the Killer 10.00 first time 1/8 and the free Couple of hit of the Canna l...”

  • “this is by far the best strain I've smoked for anxiety don't know why but I felt soo good after smoking it no anxiety or panic just completely relaxed and happy-highly recommended!”


  • “This strain is by far the best for medicinal purposes ro treat inflammation and pain. The sedation is not overpowering but leaves you feeling relaxed and stress free.”

  • “I had this strain a long time ago back when I was first starting to smoke. Since then, I haven't had a comparable strain, especially one that provided the same benefits towards my anxiety. I just picked it up today, and it's just as relaxing and comforting as it was when I first had it. It's a perfect body high, and even better than perfect mind high. I don't feel the effects of my anxiety and no paranoia whatsoever....”

  • “buddas sister is that fire and will put you the fuck out. some of my favorite”