Crown OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Picked up this beauty at The Famous Healers in LA, (honestly) the best OG I've had in all my 6+ years of smoking... can't be missed, def has some sativa euphoria.”

  • “Wonderful for the sever pain of neuropathy, sleep, and nausea. Anxiety was demolished and I was left feeling content and sleepy. This is my new favorite night time strain. It is a bit harsh and piney but well worth the effect. Picked it up at The Healing Tree wellness center. They made the perfect recommendation. They always seem to :)”

  • “great flavorful og taste”

  • “what an amazing strain for pain and sleep I never felt and slept like that in a very long time 5 out of 5 AAAAA.”

  • “Crown og by Crown Genetics, a very headstrong indica with a heady high that's almost cerebral. Very dense & very yummy 5/5 quality”

  • “Crown Genetics made a drop in SD. Super dense, covered in trichs, indica hybrid effects, lots of body with a head in the clouds euphoria. dank dank dank! Best batch I've had!”

  • “Had a good time last night, nothing but laughing and feel good moments :)”

  • “Best Og ever keep going back for more”