Diamond OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I don't know how I can give this one less than a 10. An outstanding recommendation from my local shop. I use pot for autism regulation, and this one is just a gem, for me. Makes the constant state of outrage just slide away, so you can get on with your day, and type up useful reviews for other autistic folks. :)”

  • “One of the best I've smoked besides Fire og.. Definitely one for the everyday smokers. Great High body and mind...”

  • “It is actually sparkley! I may just be high as fuck though. Intense head/body high but then everything turned amazing. Lasted a decent time and smelled loud as fuck. Gotta luv Diamond OG”

  • “Back for more! Picked up some (Blood) Diamond OG as they call it,from Squishy Wishes. One joint between two people. A really heavy hitter. After a few minutes of hitting it, I got a headrush, and was on the couch stuck for about 30 minutes. Got the munchies after. The real deal. PM only!”

  • “The Nightime, Sniffling, Sneezing, Coughing, Aching, Stuffyhead, Fever, So-You-Can-Rest Medicine.”

  • “Recreational attributes: It is a true Indica indeed. Its a great night time strain. Very relaxing and nice to enjoy a movie. Medical Attributes: Great for pain relief and muscle spasms. It can also be useful for insomnia in higher dosage. Also a pretty decent appetite stimulant. Effects: The high is surprisingly not too much of a "couch lock", it starts off as a pretty euphoric, cerebral and happy mood booster, but...”

  • “I am a huge fan of indicas that plaster you to the couch, but I do like that I can smoke this during the day and not be so stoned that I can't function. I can still do chores, exercise, and stay focused. Stay at home mom approved.”

  • “Nice strong Indica body high. One puff and you'll settle down.”